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  2. Magnetic Crush allows Magneto to use the attack during his current activation. This will require the use of an action to use the attack. This is different from cards like Cruelty that grant an attack without using an action.
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  4. Good afternoon a question When a player spends a card on which is an attack example: magnetic crushing. and uses this attack, spends one attack action or has his two attack actions apart.
  5. Yes it would. VPs are scored during step 1 of the Cleanup Phase. Astral Ring expires during step 2, Player Effects.
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  7. It happens when Wolverine is placed. Yes, Wolverine can be Dazed or KO’d before damage is dealt. The attack immediately ends.
  8. It sounds like you are not using the errata’d Doomed Prophecy card. Take a look here. I believe that will answer your question.
  9. If a character gets both of these tactic cards played on them, does the second activation from All You've Got clear the attack bonus of Doomed Prophecy due to being their next activation? Or does both the activations being within one turn somehow make the bonus carry over to the extra All You've Got activation?
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  11. My example is this. Captain America attacks Mr. Sinister and after calculating successes three damage is caused by the attack. Mr. Sinister is on 5 damage so only one is required to daze him. He has three Genetic samples on him. How does this attack end? Can Sinister just pay one Genetic Sample to negate the one damage required to daze him and the other damage is lost or does he have to spend all three to negate the full three damage caused by the attack? Thanks
  12. Ferocity of Cyttorak only applies to the current attack sequence. Extra attacks granted by Rapid Fire or Flurry will not benefit.
  13. If baron mordo whit ferocity from two more dice to attacks like : braid bash ( medusa) on flurry gain twe dice or not? Hip fire (punisher) on rapid fire gain two dice or not? ty
  14. If you use it on the first attack, yes, you will not benefit from it on the second and cannot use it again.
  15. so Deaths' decree only work on the inital attack and not the dark miasma triggers ? as it id once per turn?
  16. Hey there, No, because Beam Weapons specify you can only Fire Support the initial shot, not the entry attacks generated by Beam. TP
  17. On a Call Me Captain turn. Assuming all targets are within Rex’s range, can Rex fire support each of the 3 attacks on a Beam 2 weapon?
  18. Death’s Decree affects the individual attack it triggers within during step 2d of the attack’s timing. This is true for beam attacks as well. Additionally, Death’s Decree can be used only once per turn.
  19. Can Mr Sinister move Genetic Sample tokens to the Cloning Banks in the Cleanup Phase if he is Dazed?
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