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  2. A superpower is not an attack (it may grant one). Throws are not attacks. Rapid Phase does not work against a superpower that generates a throw.
  3. He takes the damage and is likely Dazed during step 11. The damage will still finish in step 12 as it normally would.
  4. This happens during step 2 of the Power Phase. Poison is a neutral player effect so it will trigger after other player effects. All According to Plan will need to resolve before Poison.
  5. 1. If the card was played by your opponent, yes, the triggering character gains power from it. 2. Only the first character to trigger it will take damage. Then the trap expires.
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  7. Hello, We all agree, a super power that performs a Throw is not an "attack"? (so a "rapid phase change" of vision cannot be used as a reaction?) Thank you
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  9. No. From the Rules Reference under Linked Actions: After a ship performs an action with an attached linked action, if the player wants to resolve the linked action, it is added to the ability queue. If it has multiple actions linked from the same starting action (e.g. Focus to Barrel Roll and Focus to Evade), it can choose only one linked action to add to the queue.
  10. The upcoming TIE Whisper can link a Roll or Boost into Rotate on its pilot card. Enhanced Jamming Suite also allows linking a Roll or Boost into Jam. Let's say it equips that, then does a boost. Can it then link that boost into both a Rotate and then a Jam? Or does Link only enter the queue once and then you have to choose which option to link into? Thank you!
  11. I’m pretty sure this has been answered before but my gaming group is thick skulled and could use some clarification. After a character receives there activation token but before you declare you turn over, can you use non reactive super powers, team tactic cards or leadership abilities?
  12. Hey there, That’s correct - You use the base of the transport to measure the speed 1 move to deploy the detachment. TP
  13. If a unit of Shore Trooper are deployed in a Transport such as a LAAT/le how does the detachment mortar deploy? Does it have to be deployed from speed of the transport that the Shore Troopers are in?
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  15. Incinerate only applies to attacks. It does not reduce the number of dodge dice rolled.
  16. Chosen of Khonshu only applies to attacks. Bow to the Will of M.O.D.O.K. and Siren's Call will work normally.
  17. The collision happens as soon as the thrown character contacts another character. The thrown character cannot be thrown over another character with the exception of the character that is throwing them. The thrower is ignored for collisions. Additionally, throws do not have targets. The thrown character moves until it contacts either terrain or another character.
  18. Hi! Burned condition affects on dodging or only in attacks?
  19. Hello! 1. No, the damage card effect is only applied when it is dealt. It does not "look backward". 2. Yes, that is correct.
  20. The defender is able to "spend" and then choose to "discard" the evade token before it can be "discarded" by Intel Officer's effect.
  21. Yes, you are prevented. The defender cannot "spend" two defense tokens of the same type in the same attack. No.
  22. 4. Neutralize Results: During this step, pairs of attack and defense dice neutralize each other. Dice are neutralized in the following order: a. Pairs of evade and hit results are canceled. b. Pairs of evade and critical hit results are canceled. The attack hits if at least one hit or critical hit result remains uncanceled; otherwise, the attack misses. The timing of determining whether or not the attack hits is specified in the text. It's during Step 4 of Attack: Neutralize Results, after sub-steps a. and b. Any abilities that trigger "if this attack hits/misses" are added to the queue, and resolve at this point. Or to use your multiple choice, the timing window to resolve such effects is: "1) During the Neutralize Results step, immediately after the judge of hit".
  23. When Modok Bows a character and then Jean stops it with Shield Mind, that character cannot be bowed again this activation. I've noticed Enchantress can just use her bow again and Jean would have to use Shield Mind again effectively causing a who has more power situation. Gwen, Omega, and Venom's pulls say "A character can be pushed by this superpower only once per turn". Does this mean those interactions function the same way as Enchantress?
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