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  2. Yes. They wouldn’t be done concurrently but both actions can be used to do the same thing so long as that special rule isn’t limited to once per turn or activation (like the Charge superpower):
  3. IS the Sinister Traps booby trap objective damage an Enemy Effect?
  4. This is probably self-explanatory, but is it acceptable to use the same attack action for both actions in an activation? So if you activate within range 2 of another character, you can use the Strike attack twice concurrently as your two actions? Thanks!
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  6. So the wording on these tactics cards state the power was spent and treat it as if the power was activated this turn. I used this on black dwarfs charge attack which is an action. Do to the wording of treating it as if it was used does that mean the action was used as well.
  7. Yes it can be. When a character is thrown, it ignores the terrain feature it is overlapping at the start of the throw.
  8. You would still have two actions as Green Goblin would not be able to attack Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in that scenario.
  9. Chimichanga is a player effect and would resolve before Bleed which is a neutral player effect.
  10. You have the timing correct. However, further effects of the attack are not allowed on the KO’d character. This is explained in this thread and will be clarified in the rulebook in the future.
  11. No. The Dazed rules do not allow characters to play Team Tactic cards.
  12. Hello, If RedSkull is dazed, can he still play the TTC Cosmic Revitalization? Thank you
  13. No, Adaptive Ailerons happens "before you reveal your dial", and since an ionized ship does not have a dial assigned to it and skips the Reveal Dial step, it cannot resolve the maneuver.
  14. So wolverine attacks Maw who has 1 up with his spender attack. I place wolverine then the attack kills maw. Lockjaw life saves maw. Since he isn’t considered dazed anymore and wolverines throw says after the attack is resolved I can throw. So lockjaws timing would go then I could technically throw maw insta killing do to collision. Am I correct in this timing
  15. Do ionized Strikers or Reapers still get their pre-dial maneuver?
  16. Yes, employ the ability queue to determine the outcome of interactions between Wounded Pilot and linked actions: -Wounded Pilot: "After you perform an action, roll 1 attack die. On a hit or critical result, gain 1 stress token." -Linked actions: "After a ship performs an action with an attached linked action, if the player wants to resolve the linked action, it is added to the ability queue." They share the same timing and both enter the queue. If you want to guarantee successful resolution of the linked action, resolve it first, prior to resolving the potential stress of Wounded Pilot. Note that not all linked actions are red, but if it is, there exists the potential to complete this interaction triple stressed.
  17. No, Outmaneuver never has an opportunity to resolve on an RZ-2 A-Wing's turret attack. Turret arcs are distinct from all standard arcs, despite the fact that "the turret arc indicator points toward one of the ship’s four standard arcs."
  18. Yes, Darth Vader (crew) permits you to damage a friendly ship. If this destroys the ship, and Nash Windrider (TIE Interceptor) uses his pilot ability, the destroyed ship may engage immediately ahead of any other initiative. Simultaneous Fire would only apply to other ships destroyed "at the start of the Engagement Phase".
  19. Last week
  20. No. While the errata'd text of Commander Malarus (Xi-class Light Shuttle) means that his pilot ability now happens before the Modify Dice step (step 2b), as rolling additional dice or fewer dice is not a dice modification, Gideon Hask's (Xi-class Light Shuttle) pilot ability happens in the Roll Attack Dice step (step 2a). As such, the additonal die, if blank would count towards Commander Malarus' pilot ability
  21. If Deadpool has a Chimichanga, does that count as a neutral player effect, and can it take effect before bleed damage?
  22. No, equipping a limited title upgrade card to a non-limited pilot does not make the pilot limited.
  23. How does the Wounded Pilot Critical Damage card interact with Linked Actions? If your ship has Wounded Pilot against it can you choose to do a linked action in the following way? 1. Do both actions and get a stress. 2. Roll a red die for the first action (and receive a stress if the result is a hit or crit). 3. Roll a red die for the linked action (and receive a stress if the result is a hit or crit). Thanks
  24. Veteran Wing Leader resolves during the Neutralize Results step. "• While: This term is often used in combination with multi-stepped game effects such as an attack, an action, or a maneuver. Although less specific than the other timings, this term is used to narrow down when the ability is resolved during the round. Additional verbiage is required to identify when exactly the effect is applied. ◊ For example, in the context of an attack, if the ability rolls additional attack dice, the ability triggers during the Roll Attack Dice step. If the ability modifies defense dice, the ability triggers during the Modify Defense Dice step." Cancelling Hit or Critical results typically occurs during the Neutralize Results step, so this is also the proper timing for Veteran Wing Leader.
  25. Hi guys, Just a quick one, if my injured green goblin is within range of a Peter Parker so that I have to attack him because of arch nemesis uses glider ram to now be outside of 4 first (so neither of my attacks are in range) do I still get 2 actions or have I lost one because I have to attack spider? Thanks
  26. Hey there, Because Cassian’s card states that he “gains a standby token”, it doesn’t matter if he’s performed an attack action during his activation or not. That stipulation only matters if he’s performing the Standby Action - but the card doesn’t have him perform a standby action, he just gains the token. Additionally, you only lose the standby token to suppression if you already had the token when you take the suppression. So if Cassian lets say moves, triggers a standby and takes a ranged attack, it wouldn’t effect the standby token he gains with his Command Card. For the final question, the owning player chooses the order of simultaneous effects. So the best move is to take the suppression token, then the standby token. Because you can choose the order that the effects occur, you can do so in a way that wouldn’t cause Cassian to lose the token. Hope this helps! TP
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