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  1. Thanks, I did look for any previous ruling but obviously searched with the wrong keywords. We assumed correctly but I could not find rules to back it up.
  2. I believe we likely know the answer to this, but I could not find anything in the rules that set this out clearly. Played a game today in which I activated a character, Lockjaw from memory, performed his first action as an attack against Black Widow, who played Martial Artist dealing enough damage to daze Lockjaw. Later in the round I had an active Beast within range and with enough power to use Field Dressing on Lockjaw to remove the dazed token and then remove one damage. Now as the rules state that the you place an activated token on a characters once it has performed all of its actions (did not happen as Lockjaw was dazed midway through) and the rules state that the activation phase ends when a players ends their turn and neither player has a character without an activated or dazed token, this would indicate that the round could not end as Lockjaw has neither an activated or Dazed token. Does this mean Lockjaw could either activate again or continue with his unused actions from his previous activation? We played it that he would not as he had been activated and the card did not specify (like deal with the devil does), but on reading the rules it is not actually clear and would indicate that I could well have activated Lockjaw again.
  3. Thanks for the clarification, we played in correct for the most part, however, Hulk should have been dazed before the final attack from the beam. It certainly makes Ghost Rider a risk to the attacker for any beam attacks.
  4. Hoping you can clarify on the rules for From The Ruins, Magneto's leadership ability, and what constitutes a turn? For example, a game I played today had Magneto and the brotherhood against X-men with Hulk. Hulk threw a truck, so size 4 terrain which Magneto then spread amongst his allies, even though it was my turn. My opponent used punisher to blow up a terrain, giving another 3 power to be spread out. Kingpin on my opponents side then through another terrain giving more power to his team and then Magneto used Magnetic Crush, destroying more terrain (2 x size 3, one size 2 and one size 1) dishing out more power. All of this happened in one round, but as the rule states they only gain 1 power per turn which is per character turn, the amount of power added up quickly. Can a character receive more than one power per round as this ability is per turn? Can the ability grant power from terrain destroyed in their opponents turn? If multiple terrain pieces are destroyed in one go, can you allocate power based on all terrain destroyed (like in Magnetic Crush) or do they need to pick one and then dish out power for that one piece of terrain? Also can power be allocated to dazed characters?
  5. Hoping you can clarify when Wicked's Judgement from Ghost Rider would trigger on a beam attack. Can Ghost Rider pay to use this ability after each character is attacked? I ask this as a previous post about Wicked's Judgement on a rapid fire attack states that Rapid fire would trigger first and then Ghost Rider could use Wicked Judgement on the first attack dice pool, but after the second attack had gone through. However, is the beam attack considered to be resolved with each dice roll against each character and therefore Ghost Rider can use the ability after each attack or would he wait until all attacks are finalized and the specific attack sequence ends for him to use it based on the initial dice pool? Seems strange that an ability to rapid fire would mean that attack sequence has not ended yet, but a beam attack is treated as resolved after each attack, even though the overall attack has not been resolved? Had this come up in a game where Ghost Rider did this after each attack from Hulks Thunder Clap (which was targeting 4 characters including Ghost Rider) and ended up doing something like 14 damage to Hulk and knocked him out. Also, does wicked judgement need to happen before Spirit of vengeance? So can Ghost Rider use spirit of vengeance to gain one power to enable him to perform Wicked's Judgement if he only had one power before this point?
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