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  1. Vision received 3 dice when defending against physical attacks which makes him a 5 physical defense. Does Vision roll 5 dice when dodging terrain since his physical defense is up?
  2. Does the tactical card illicit tech use an attack action?
  3. If a character was added during mid-game due to a special tactical card (cloning), resulting in the squad affiliation percentage dropping below 51%, would the leadership ability be removed temporarily, for the duration of the game, or not at all?
  4. She-Hulk, Wasp, and Black Widow(BW) are within 2 of each other. She-Hulk pays for A-Force Assemble. All three characters never move the entire round. Do Wasp and BW also benefit from the card the entire round (+2 Defense Die)? And then, if Wasp is dazed, -will BW benefit from She-Hulk and Wasp?
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