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  1. Thank you. Noting the answers to the questions above: - If Winter Solider attacks Vision (Enhanced Density) with Red Fury, I assume he will not be able to do his follow up Assault Rifle attack? - If Winter Solider attacks a character ('not-Vision') who is backstopped and cannot be Pushed away by Red Fury, I assume he will be able to do his follow up Assault Rifle attack? Thank you
  2. 1. Can you please confirm the short answer to the original question is 'no' then? 2. If so, can we also assume that if a character is backstopped by terrain/other and cannot be pushed by the Cosmic Blast then they also do not receive the Slow condition?
  3. Can an allied character play 'Fall Back' if they are not damaged from the attack? Thank you!
  4. What is the timing interaction for receiving/removing poison for character holding a Legacy Extract who ends its' activation within Range 2 of an opposing Omega Red's Death Spores? Thank you
  5. If a character who is Transform capable but is unable to place within R1 of themselves: - Declares use of an Active Transform Superpower - Uses a Reactive Transform Superpower - Is required to Transform as a part of an attack (or similar) What happens? Example: Ant-Man is in Tiny Form and surrounded base to base by other characters. Ant-Man activates and attacks with an 'Ant-Sized Uppercut' (which reads: "After this attack is resolved, this character Transforms into Ant-Man (Normal"). Does Ant-Man remain in Tiny Form because he is unable to place his Normal Form within Range 1 of himself? Reference to Transform characters not being able to overlap themselves when they Transform: Thank you
  6. When a character Transforms can they place the the new form of themself overlapping (but within Range 1) of their previous form? Example: Can Ant-Man Transform from Tiny to Normal but remain in the same (or almost the same) position as long as the new form is within Range 1 of his previous form? Thank you
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