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  1. Yes, Old Teroch's (Fang Fighter) ability does not have requirements nor costs, and is able to freely enter the ability queue.
  2. Yes, Ciena Ree (TIE Interceptor) may add both abilities to the queue, then resolve them in your desired order.
  3. Finch Dallow's (MG-100 StarFortress) ability is a replacement effect which allows you to replace either or both of a double Thermal Detonators drop. -Yes, you may use Finch's ability on one of the Thermal Detonators. -Yes, you may use Finch's ability on both. -Yes, if you drop only 1 Thermal Detonator, you may use Finch's ability on it.
  4. Concussion Bomb's "must" forces you to spend a charge and drop the bomb using the 1-straight template. As you do so, you may use replacement effect abilities to alter that 1 template drop.
  5. If the Jinata Security Officer (Scum Y-Wing) in this scenario chooses Ion Torpedo as the attack, it must declare enemy A as the defender, as it is the defender at the closest valid attack range.
  6. Yes, Plated Hull is a dice modification. It takes place during step 2b. of Attack: "Modify Attack Dice: The players resolve abilities that modify the attack dice. The defending player resolves their abilities first, then the attacking player resolves their abilities."
  7. Yes, damage is suffered one at a time. Each damage that causes Joph Seastriker (T-70 X-Wing) to lose a shield, triggers his ability.
  8. My apologies! I should have understood. When attacking with Autoblasters, if the defender is in your bullseye arc, even if it is at range 3, you roll 1 additional die.
  9. -You may not rotate and gain stress if the tractor effect was your own. It must have been your opponent's. -The post-tractor rotate is always 90° to the left or right, not 180°. -I'm uncertain what this question is asking: "If the 90° rotation is done after a barrel roll slide, will it follow the barrel roll new position or the front/back pegs as usual?" -Yes, Ensnare permits the Nantex to tractor another (small base) ship. If this results in barrel rolling or boosting an opponent's ship, that ship may rotate 90° and gain a stress.
  10. Yes, if Tel Trevura (JumpMaster 5000) is equipped with Hull Upgrade, after using his ability, it would take 2 damage cards to destroy him.
  11. Yes, both abilities enter the ability queue, and you may resolve them in your desired order. You may: -Perform purple coordinate to boost a V-Wing, which triggers both the V-Wing's linked action and Darth Sidious' ability -Resolve the linked action (red lock) -Resolve Sidious, which gives the V-Wing another stress token, then a focus token
  12. Autoblasters' attack range is 1-2. It is impossible to use it at range 3.
  13. Interpretation a) is correct. Whenever an opponent tractors you and causes you to barrel roll or boost, you may choose to rotate 90˚ and gain one stress token. Whether or not you overlap an obstacle is irrelevant.
  14. Yes, in this scenario, the defending ship would apply the range 3 bonus. The attacking ship no longer has a Calculate token, which is what defines "calculating".
  15. When Boba Fett (Scum, Firespray) uses his pilot ability, he must reroll all chosen dice simultaneously.
  16. Yes, you may Execute Maneuver, resolve Afterburners, then SLAM as your Perform Action step action.
  17. 4. Neutralize Results: During this step, pairs of attack and defense dice neutralize each other. Dice are neutralized in the following order: a. Pairs of evade and hit results are canceled. b. Pairs of evade and critical hit results are canceled. The attack hits if at least one hit or critical hit result remains uncanceled; otherwise, the attack misses. The timing of determining whether or not the attack hits is specified in the text. It's during Step 4 of Attack: Neutralize Results, after sub-steps a. and b. Any abilities that trigger "if this attack hits/misses" are added to the queue, and resolve at this point. Or to use your multiple choice, the timing window to resolve such effects is: "1) During the Neutralize Results step, immediately after the judge of hit".
  18. R2-D2 (Rebel crew): "During the End Phase, if you are damaged and not shielded, you may roll 1 attack die to recover 1 shield. On a hit result, expose 1 of your damage cards." "A ship can pay a cost for an effect only if the effect can be resolved." Exposing a damage card with R2-D2 is an effect of the ability, not a cost. You may use R2-D2 as long as you meet the requirements. If you only have face up damage cards, and R2-D2 rolls a hit, that portion of his ability does not have any effect.
  19. Yes, the stationary maneuver does not overlap any ships, and you would not skip your Perform Action step. The exception would be if you were already overlapping an Asteroid or Gas Cloud; overlapping one of those with a stationary maneuver would cause you to skip your Perform Action step.
  20. Yes, Debris Cloud stress is gained after the Check Difficulty step, as part of executing the maneuver. Korr Sella would then be able to remove it (assuming the requirement for her ability is met).
  21. "After you barrel roll, you may choose 1 friendly ship that is not stressed at range 0-1. That ship gains 1 stress token, then you rotate 180º." -Netrem Pollard (B-Wing) barrel rolls -Netrem's pilot ability and linked action both enter the ability queue -You may resolve them in either order
  22. No, rolling dice and rerolling dice are distinct things. Rerolled dice results do not trigger an opportunity for Han Solo (Modified YT-1300) to use his ability.
  23. Yes. Note that Darth Vader (TIE x1) must successfully perform an action to trigger his ability.
  24. No, Qi'ra does not negate Trick Shot in this example. From the Objects FAQ: Q: What does “ignores obstacles” mean? Do Han Solo [Pilot, Customized YT-1300] and Qi’ra work together? What about Dash Rendar [YT-2400] and Outrider? A: When an effect says a ship “ignores obstacles,” it means that ship “ignores the effects of obstacles.” A ship that is “ignoring obstacles” does not apply the effects of overlapping or moving through them, and can move through them by boosting or barrel rolling. When that ship performs an attack that is obstructed by an obstacle it ignores the effects of the obstruction, so the defender does not roll 1 additional defense die being obstructed by the obstacles the attacker is ignoring. However, the obstacles are still treated as being present for effects that check for their presence or absence (such as the Stunned Pilot damage card or Debris Gambit. Additionally, an attack is obstructed by an obstacle even while the effects of the obstacle are ignored. This applies to cards such as Outrider, Han Solo [Pilot, Customized YT-1300], and Trick Shot. Additionally, other ships do not ignore the obstacle when resolving effects that interact with a ship that is ignoring obstacles. For instance, while a ship that is ignoring obstacles defends, if the attack is obstructed, it still rolls 1 additional defense die because the attacker is not ignoring the effects of obstacles.
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