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  1. Hello, When an effect says: this character advances from "S" for example; for one of your ally persoonage 1 / Do we have to advance the character to the maximum "S" ? 2 / Or do we advance a little less or even carry out a movement of zero ? considering of course for other effect that the figurine is to move. 3 / And when it is a ditto but enemy effect on one of your characters, the opponent must move as much as possible or he can also choose ? Thanks again.
  2. Hello, Superpowers like "Trick and traps", "Trick or treat" etc ... the targeted character who takes the damage, the damage is considered as enemy effect damage? Suddenly they gain as much energy as damage inflicted, that's right. Yes or no ? Thank you.
  3. Hello, When an enemy effect makes it possible to "advance" a person of "S" for example: 1 / the opponent who performs this movement, can β€œclimb” or not? 2 / if the targeted character has the "flight or wall crawler", the opponent can perform this movement considering that the character has the "flight and wall crawler" or not? Thanks again πŸ™‚
  4. Hello, 1 / When throwing an "object" at a character or a character on other things via a superpower, does the targeted character gain energy if he suffers damage? I think not because it is not an attack? 2 / And if it is via an attack, does the target of the throw gain energy for the damage suffered? Thank you πŸ™‚
  5. Hello, in case I ask: When thanos wears 2 infinity gems, if one of them is the Power gem, it is said that this character gains 2 powers to have a gem, if there are two: 1 / Thanos recovers 2 energy (power gem) + 1 energy (for the other gem)? therefore 3. 2 / Or 2 energy + 2 energy for each gem (thanks to the gem of power)? therefore 4. (I think he gets 3 thanks to the gems, but since the power doesn't specify it, and it is a continuous power, I wanted to know) Thank you πŸ™‚
  6. Oh ! Perfect, I went to check and I will use this Appendix now, it is much more precise. You answered my questions, thank you
  7. So the stunned effect does not apply during the 1st attack, that is to say, the defender takes the damage step / 13, he takes as many energies step / 13, and after the resolution of the attack, he is dizzy step / 14, is that right? For me step / 12 is the step before the damage ???
  8. Hello, A / In the "Sequence of an attack" the player who suffers enemy damage must recover as much energy at which stage? B / To come to these questions: - Spider-man: Attack, Taser Web, what is the order of stunned? -Red Skull: Attack, Unleash the cube if you get Effect, what is the order of stunned? -Scarlet Witch: Reactive Super Power: Curse, what is the order of judgment? I am French, I used the translation, I hope I was precise ... sorry. Thanks again πŸ™‚
  9. That's what I thought! Thanks again Negoldar πŸ™‚
  10. Hello, We all agree, a super power that performs a Throw is not an "attack"? (so a "rapid phase change" of vision cannot be used as a reaction?) Thank you
  11. Oh ok So apart from Cruelty (which is a reaction to a free attack) almost all of the other attacks on the Tactical cards replace the character's 1 attack action during his own activation. Is it better to see him like that? I think it's the way the TTCs are written that disturbed me, for example between thanos and magnetic crush. Thanks you
  12. Hello, If RedSkull is dazed, can he still play the TTC Cosmic Revitalization? Thank you
  13. Hello, Can I play Magneto's "Mecanic crush" tactical card when I am not activating Magneto during my turn but another character or even during the activation of another character? (Because I saw that the rules specify for other cards like Seven Sun Cinnibus from Dr Strange, that it must be played during its activation etc ...) Again a big thank you Negoldar
  14. Hello, Do all models in a squad benefit from the power of command even if they are not in the correct affiliation? Example: Squad with 51% Cabal Affiliation: Will Red Crane: Master of Evil's command power work on Wolverine ally ? Thanks again πŸ™‚
  15. Hello, Wolverine's "best at what I do" super power doubles the damage for each "effect" you get from the "adamantium slash" attack, A/ does that replace the "bleed" and "perforating" effects ? B/ or do I accumulate all the effects ? Thanks πŸ™‚
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