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  1. If you are using the Hulkbuster leadership and someone (like Luke Cage) has a version of reduce damage by one, do you get to choose which one reduces first? Or is it leadership effect and then character? Basically if Luke Cage has 2 damage coming through on a collision, can he reduce it down to 0 after both effects?
  2. If a character is dazed and incinerated, can Baron Mordo use soul barb on the dazed character to spread the incinerate condition to other characters? I assume no because dazed characters can’t be targeted by super powers but wanted to double check. thank you!
  3. Can you still explode crits when you play sacrifice? I assume that adding dice to defense roll is for things like Dr Strange’s ability but wanted to confirm whether you can still explode crits.
  4. If you were to bring a squad with the possibility to choose two different affiliations after deployment, can you bring tactics cards from both affiliations into your 5 selected tactics cards? For example, if you bring Dr Strange, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and Blade, can you also bring Pentagrams and Siege of Darkness into your 5 even though once you choose your leadership, you will no longer be able to use the other affiliations’ card?
  5. If someone initiates a beam attack and targets Loki and Quicksilver. If both use trickster and Can’t Catch Me respectfully to get out of range of the beam, does the person initiating lose the attack action because the beam targeted multiple people even though neither targets could be actually targeted?
  6. When does the trigger for damage on Flames of the Faltine happen? If a character has 1 health left and 4 power going into a round, do they gain 2 power (now have 6), take a damage and daze? And likewise, if they are holding a cosmic cube with 2 health left, do they gain 3 power and then take 2 damage and daze?
  7. What if you place a movement tool against a base and then approximate with your eyes what the base would be, then place the movement tool again on the table to get an idea of where you would land for, let’s say, a double move.
  8. If Blade ends his activation next to a dazed character with the bleed condition on them, does he get his ability to heal a damage and gain a power since conditions aren’t removed until clean up?
  9. If someone attacks a target and Luke Cage/Iron Fist play Heroes for Hire. They get placed and become the target of the attack but someone bodyguards the attack. After the attack is resolved, do they still get the throw since the attack has resolved and the placed character was not dazed/KO?
  10. If Scarlet Witch has dazed someone and Quicksilver has interacted with an objective during the round, one Magneto's activation, can he: Activate, take his turn. Put the activation token on him. Then play Difficult to Please, remove the activated token on the same turn? And if so, since he is the same character, can he then activate immediately and take his actions or must he wait for the next turn to activate?
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