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  1. When Biggs Darklighter uses his ability does the squadron that suffers the 1 damage have to be at distance 1 of Biggs Darklighter (i.e. "you" - the squadron resolving the effect) or at distance 1 of the friendly squadron that was about to suffer the damage originally?
  2. If a ship ends its movement at distance 1 of a Proximity Mine Token or Objective Token while playing the Minefields Objective is that token removed from play even if the ship is destroyed before resolving that Token's effect (i.e. due to overlapping a ship, or due to suffering damage from resolving the effect of other Proximity Mine Tokens or Minefields Objective Tokens)?
  3. How do XX-9 Turbolasers and Structural Damage interact? If an attacker resolves XX-9 Turbolasers during an attack and the first damage card dealt to the defender is Structural Damage, is the additional card dealt by Structural Damage dealt faceup?
  4. Is a squadron "touching" an object (e.g. for the purposes of DBS-404) if it is only touching due to activation sliders; i.e. the squadron(s) could be rotated so they do not touch? If so, can a player rotate their squadron so the squadron is or is no longer touching another object?
  5. If a player reveals a Grand Admiral Thrawn dial at the start of a ship phase and during the ship phase the ship he is equipped to is destroyed or he is discarded, do friendly ships activated later in the ship phase gain the additional dial?
  6. Do the normal Attack Range restrictions apply to squadrons when performing a Counter attack ("[i]f the attacker is a squadron, the defending squadron or hull zone must be at distance 1" and/or "[a]ttack range is the range at which a squadron... can perform an attack... Each squadron’s attack range is distance 1")? For example, if "Kickback" (V-19 Torrent Squadron) performs an attack against a squadron with Counter and uses his ability to move immediately after, if he moves beyond Distance 1 can the defending squadron still perform the attack?
  7. In a tournament game using the Tournament Regulations, if a player destroys all of his or her opponent’s ships that are not flotillas, and the total ship, squadron and upgrade cards are worth more than 400 points is that fleet still worth 400 fleet points for the purposes of calculating score? Does this depend on why the fleet point value has been increased, i.e. by an effect like Chimaera changing a Fleet Command for a higher point cost Fleet Command, by a ship with Mercy Mission equipped, or by an Objective Ship playing Advanced Gunnery or Most Wanted (which both increase the fleet point cost of the ship, rather than adding points to the final score as with Opening Salvo)? [Tournament Rules, p9, Calculating a Player's Score / Rule Reference 1.5.0 p43, Chimaera] To clarify, the part about Mercy Mission refers to when it is equipped to one of the opponent's ships and is destroyed, not when it survives and is in the enemy deployment zone. And while we are here, an easy one; the text of the Tournament Rules says that "[i]f a player destroys all of his or her opponent's ships that are not flotillas, the opponent's fleet is worth 400 points for the purposes of calculating score" but the player's score only includes the opponent's "destroyed ships [and] destroyed squadrons." If a player destroys all enemy ships that are not flotillas, are they taken to have destroyed the entire fleet for the purposes of calculating score? The question is whether the extra point from Chimeara swapping, and the increase in fleet point value from Mercy Mission (destroyed ship only), Advanced Gunnery and Most Wanted are included when calculating a score after tabling. I'll try some examples. My opponent is a Republic List, worth 399 points. I destroy all their ships, including a Consular-class Charger c70 (45 points) with Mercy Mission Equipped. All that is left alive is an Axe V-19 (17 points). They destroy a naked ISD II (120 points). There are no points from objectives The game ends and I win: My opponent's score is 120 (from the ISD II). What is my score? Is it: 400 (giving an MOV of 400-120 = 280 for 9-2 Tournament Points): due to the rule that "the opponent’s fleet is worth 400 fleet points for the purposes of calculating score" if I destroyed all their ships? 420 (giving an MOV of 420-120 = 300 for 10-1 Tournament Points): due to the above rule, that the fleet points are taken to be 400, but including the 20 fleet point increase to the value of the Mercy Mission ship? Some other value (maybe 399+20=419, 399-17+20=402)? Same scenario again, but this time there is no Mercy Mission, but that Consular-class Charger is a Most Wanted Objective Ship. What is my score? 400; due to the rule that "the opponent's fleet is worth 400 fleet points for the purposes of calculating score"? 445; due to the above rule, but with extra points because the fleet point cost of the c70 was 45 higher due to Most Wanted? Some other value (maybe 399+45 = 444, or 399-17+45=427)? -------------------- During a tournament game, if a player destroys all their opponent's ships that are not flotillas, do bonus points from destroying a ship with Mercy Mission, or destroying an Advanced Gunnery or Most Wanted Objective ship get added to the 400 points for "tabling"? ------------------- By my reading, the effect of destroying a Mercy Mission, Advanced Gunnery or Most Wanted ship is to increase that ship's fleet point value. The actual fleet point value of the destroyed ships, squadrons etc. might be more than 400 (due to the bonus points, even with some surviving squadrons or flotillas), but due to the tabling rule the value for calculating score would be only 400 points. Meaning there are non-trivial situations where a player would get a higher score (and potentially higher MoV) by not tabling their opponent. The same would apply with a 400-point Imperial list with Chimaera, and with a Fleet Command swapped for a higher value one, but that would be a difference of only 1 point (for now), so less of an issue (more along the lines of the weird situation with getting half-points on an odd-value cost SSD playing Opening Salvo, where killing it is worth fewer points than leaving it damaged).
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