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  1. The RR says that circular tokens are removed on the end phase even if a ship is on reserve. How about red tokens? Do you remove everything when you "flee" with Moralo, or do you come back with all of them?
  2. 1. Jango executes a blue maneuver and his opponent a white one. 2. Jango attacks and say "I'm using Dooku for blank". 3. His opponent rolls 3 eyes Will Dooku transform one eye into a blank and Jango's ability turn another eye into another blank? Or Jango's turns one eye into a blank and since there's a blank on the roll Dooku's ability cannot trigger?
  3. Overdrive Thruster says: "you must use a template of 1 speed higher if able" If able means "there is an available template 1 speed higher" (for SLAM purposes for example) or it means "if you're able to complete the maneuver/action with a 1 speed higher template"? If all my barrel possibilities using a 2 template would fail it means I can use the 1 speed template instead?
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