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  1. Hello, I think the answer to this is pretty straightforward but I'm in doubt: Concussion bomb card says (after errata): Assuming I have spent a charge earlier in the game, when I must drop the next concussion bomb during System Phase, does that mean I have to use the 1-straight? For example, can I use Trajectory Simulator, Skilled Bombardier, Emon Azzameen ability or Finch Dallow ability to drop the bomb in another way?
  2. Hello, I am using Finch Dallow with Thermal Detonators. How does Finch ability interact with Thermal Detonators "must" clause? I choose to spend 2 charges to drop 2 bombs. Can I use Finch ability on one of the thermal detonators? Can I use Finch ability on both? And just to confirm, if I choose to drop only 1 bomb, whatever the ruling on the above 2 questions, am I allowed to use Finch ability considering the different template clause only comes into effect if I drop 2 bombs?
  3. Hello, Can a player voluntarily fail a jam or coordinate action by choosing no target for the action, even if some targets are available? Relevant rules bits: Relevant use cases and related questions: My ship with jam has Composure, I attemps a jam action and after measuring, I have a target in range 1 but I didn't reach the original target I wanted to jam, can I choose to fail the jam so I get Composure focus action? My ship with jam is a TIE/whisper with Enhanced Jamming Suite and Composure. I perform a boost and attempts to link to jam. I can always choose myself, but can I choose no target, fail the jam and do a Composure focus action?
  4. All in the question. R2D2 text below: The question comes from the semi-recent FAQ about paying costs following Nantex release (where the effect of paying the cost gets resolved after you fully resolve the ability). Does this change anything for R2D2? What's the correct sequence if exposing a Direct Hit?
  5. Just to clarify something about this. What does "During the Neutralize results step" mean exactly in the context of player abilities vs game effects? Is Treacherous resolved before or after I cancel hit/crit results with evade results (or can I choose when I resolve it)? This is kinda relevant regarding Reinforce effects (say on a Firespray) that's conditional on how many hits remain, do I get to add the Reinforce evade before using Treacherous?
  6. Hey there, Love the fact we get a rules forum now 😄 Seeing as Arliz and Malarus wordings got addressed I feel the need to ask. If my ship has spent a Concussion bomb charge, during next System Phase, can it drop another bomb, and thus be unable to drop a Concussion bomb (despite "must" clause), as per the rule for Device that says you can't drop more than 1 device per ship during System Phase? Relevant card text and rules are linked to this post 🙂
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