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  1. Hi, Dark Sidous : "After you perform a purple coordinate action, the ship you coordinated gains 1 stress token. Then, it gains 1 focus token or recovers 1 force." If Sidious coordinates a V-wing, and the V-wing does a boost, can the V-wing follow with a red lock action from his linked action bar before he gets the stress token from Sidious ? Thank you.
  2. Thank you 😉 I read it that way too, but I found that pretty powerful, and wing-mates do get stress after the wing leader moves with a red maneuver.
  3. Hi, When a wing leader (for example in an TIE Interceptor) do a double repositioning (barrel Roll + boost) and ends his activation with a stress, his wing-mates gain also a stress, or they can lock, focus, etc... ?
  4. Hi, Thank you for this forum 😉 , you already answer all the questions I had but his one : When end a coordinate action ? 1 : It is after choosing a range 1-2 friendly ship ? 2 : After this friendly ship make one action granted by the coordinate action ? 3 : After this friendly ship make all his link actions following the action granted by the coordinate action ? I think it's the 1st one. And for example when a ship with Gleb coordinate a Silencer, the Silencer can focus and red boost with Autothrusters, and gain a second stress with Gleb. Same thing with Ciena Ree (crew). And how work AP-5 with an A-wing ? Can a stressed A-wing can do 1 action followed by Vectored Thrusters and ends with 2 stress ? Thanks !
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