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  1. Hello!!! If unit A shooting in unit B and see all models (include a leader), can i allocated wound on a leader if he has wound capacity of 1? Can Iden Versio allocated 5 wound on herself and then start allocated to their droid ID10 Thank you!
  2. Hello there! I find a close questions in this forum, but whant to be shure of it Can a unit start mele after disembark if he have "charge" ability? If a vehicle that is transporting that unit has performed more than one standard move, can unit still charge as normal after disembark? Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone! When Han Solo 2-pip card "Reckless Diversion" will played, must Han Solo take the order token in this case?
  4. Hello! P52: After a unit with the inspire x keyword performs its “Rally” step, remove a total of up to x suppression tokens from other friendly units at range 1–2. Q: Can i use Inspire X for several units at the same time or i may use it only for single unit?
  5. Yes, there was another question, can "Clan Wren" use the "Retinue" ability while he stay outside the vehicle and "Sabine Wren" be inside? Also, the "Team work" ability has similar properties
  6. Hello! Must C-3PO included to R2D2 unit? Or this coise is optional and i can take only R2D2? Thank you!
  7. Hello! First of all I want to apologize for my non-perfect english:) When this message is writing, i use RULES REFERENCE VERSION 2.0.1 So in open transport paragrafe: 1) "While a unit is being transported, it can perform any action with the following limitations" 2) "If the unit performs an attack action, measure range from the base of the vehicle that is transporting that unit and determine line of sight as though the vehicle is performing the attack." My question is as follows: Can i use abilities like Sabin Wren Electro Grappling Line or command card "Explosion" (action arm 2) be in transport? if yes, can i measure distance from transport base? Can 2-1B Medical Droid use his free action for remove 1 wound token from a passenger, if he stay outside a vehicle?
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