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  1. If Shasa Zaro, whose pilot ability reads: Has a reinforce token in the forward orientation and uses her ability, does the ship she selected have to gain the reinforce token in the forward orientation as well? Or can they choose fore or aft as if they had gained the reinforce token via their own action?
  2. If a ship has R4-B11 assigned: and is attacking a target with a strain or tractor token, that ship will roll one fewer defense dice. If R4-B11's ability is used to remove that token (and there are no other strain/tractor tokens on the ship), that ship does not get to add another die to its defense pool, correct? The effect of the token is applied when the dice are first rolled, and not reevaluated afterwards.
  3. Since Tobias Beckett's crew card says "After placing forces" but still during the Setup phase, and Boba Fett (crew) is at the end of Setup, can Beckett be used to move an obstacle which the ship then deploys on using Boba?
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