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  1. So in the rule reference, it says a squadron consists of "a plastic squadron base, plastic fighters, a punchboard disk, a punchboard activation slider, and a squadron card" Since it doesn't say which plastic fighter should be used, does a squadron MUST have 3 models of its corresponding type, or can I change the number and type of model? In other words, can I : a) Using a single model to represent an ace who flys on his own? (for example, a single Delta-7 to represent Plo Koon or Luminara Unduli) b) Using more than 3 model to represent a single squadron? (for example, piling 3 more pegs to a plastic peg and place 9 models on a single base) c) Mixing models to represent an ace leading a squadron? (for example, a single Delta-7 to represent Ahsoka Tano and 2 V-19 to represent the Blue Squadron trooper under her command, using these 3 models for Ahsoka Tano) d) Mixing models to represent a squadron led by an ace? (for example, a single Delta-7 to represent a jedi and 2 V-19 to represent the trooper under the jedi's command, using these 3 models for a V-19 squadron) e) Mixing models to represent a pilot chasing down an enemy? (for example, 2 Vultures as the hunter and a single V-19 as prey, using these 3 models for a Vulture squadron) f) Mixing models to represent a pilot engaged by an enemy? (for example, a single V-19 chased by 2 Vultures, using these 3 models for a V-19 squadron)
  2. The pilot ability of Han Solo (Millennium Falcon) states: After you roll dice, if you are at range 0-1 of an obstacle, you may reroll all of your dice. This does not count as rerolling for the purpose of other effects. If Han is attacking, rolled his dice the 1st time, unhappy with the result and use his ability to roll them a 2nd time, then spend a lock he has on the defender to reroll 2 of the attack dice a 3rd time, can he then use his ability again to reroll the attack dice a 4th time? If he can, how many dice are rerolled, 2 (all the dice rerolled by lock) or 3 (all the dice there is)?
  3. Say for example, I have an Acclamator equipped with Swivel-Mounted Batteries and used its effect to marked the front hull zone. Then in the status phase the ship has an unused Concentrate Fire token. Can I choose not to ready Swivel-Mounted Batteries and save the token for next round? And if the Acclamator is also equipped with Assault Proton Torpedo, can I choose, out of insanity of course, not to ready APT (which has a recur icon) during the status phase?
  4. The effect of MS-1 Ion Cannon says: Blue Crit: Choose and exhaust 1 of the defender's upgrade cards Can I use it to exhaust any upgrade card equipped to the target ship, or are the effect limited to those that have a recur or non-recur icon only? For example, can I use MS-1 to exhaust an XI7 Turbolasers? If yes, after XI7 is exhausted, does its effect still in play? Or is it disabled until it's readied in the status phase?
  5. The question originates from the interaction between Quad Laser Turret and Point Defense Reroute: Quad Laser Turret: While defending at distance 1, if the attacker is a squadron, you have Counter 1. Point Defense Reroute: While attacking a squadron at close range, you may reroll your Crit icons. If a ship is equipped with both makes a Counter attack after being attacked by a squadron at distance 1, can it use the Point Defense Reroute's effect to reroll a crit result?
  6. The rule of counter is: Counter X: After a squadron performs a non-counter attack against you, you may attack that squadron with an anti-squadron armament of X blue dice, even if you are destroyed. And we also have Flak Gun that says: Treat each die in your anti-squadron armament as black. Since both effects refer to the anti-squadron armament, if a ship is equipped with both a Quad Laser Turret (which grants Counter 1) and Flak Gun, when making a counter attack with this ship, what dice did it use, blue or black?
  7. So next week we are holding an epic event, and I would like to try out the new tracking torpedo from the Trident pack. On the reference it says each torpedo has 3 hull points, but on the card it says each torpedo has 4 hull points, which one shall I follow? (Per the card > rulebook rule, I think it's 4 hull points)
  8. I recently bought a 1st edition Raider, which includes 3 debris clouds that is not included in any of the 2nd edition packs. Can I use these debris clouds in a 2nd edition game?
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