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  1. With AI2: May I add 2 dice of different color if both color are present in the attack pool or they must to be of the same color?
  2. Can I take advantage of the Obstacle Movement rule to "move" the Targeting Token beyond my Ignition limit. Example: my onager finished its activation and I placed its targeting token on an obstacle touching an exogorth. We're playing infested fields so, at the end of the round, I remove the exogorth and move that obstacle up to distance 2 with the token on it.
  3. What is this card exact timing? Can I choose to resolve it after the defender spent its defense token in order to know in advance if I want to prevent him from resolving a Concentrate Fire Command Token cause he spent a Salvo Token or another command if he didn't? It is not a modify dice or spend accuracy effect so I don't see it necessarily linked to the Resolve Attack Effect Step of the Attack. Thanks!
  4. Is the second paragraph part of the card effect due to a Concentrate Fire Command resolution? Or is it a permanent effect regardless of the command resolution? Thank!
  5. Probably an obvious one: I may discard an exhausted Swivel-Mount Batteries with Vader (boarding version) or Sunder, what would let the focus token on the enemy ship as it is removed upon readying the upgrade card. Would that keep the Swivel-Mount Batteries effect still "on"? I guess it doesn't.
  6. I guess I have this straight but just for clarification. Now we have several effects that allow a ship to spend defense token and resolve alternative effects such as other defense tokens effect (like Reactive Gunnery providing Salvo's effect). The token spent count as its "real" type regardless of the effect that provides for the purpose of the defense token rule that says a ship cannot spend more than one token of each type per attack, right?
  7. Ozzel triggers for each ship's Determine Course Step which is a step for every maneuver, even those granted by upgrade cards or other effects such Engine Techs or Gravity Rift. Does Ozzel work on those maneuvers too? I mean, he doesn't change the "special" maneuver speed but he could change the dial speed. Thanks!
  8. Do both effects stack on each other? I mean, both temporarily reduce ship's speed so they both check that ship's current speed (the speed on the dial) without changing the ship's speed dial as per G-8's FAQ. So when I resolve G-8 I check the ship dial speed, let's say is 3 and I can reduce it by one for the maneuver, but the dial is still at 3. Then the Gravity Rift effect is resolved (or the other way around, it doesn't matter), do we take the speed dial as reference again (so it would do nothing) or the temporarily reduced speed (so it would stack)? Thanks!
  9. May a ship use Thermal Shields to reduce the Planetary Ion Cannon objective attack? Thanks!
  10. Do ships have the chance of resolving both effects (dealing objective tokens and spending them) during the same attack as both share the same timing? Thanks!
  11. Fire Lanes's FAQ stated that, for checking attacks on objective tokens you may resolve those effects that grant dice before rolling the pool, such as Enhanced Armament. I guess Romodi provides his red die during the Modify Dice Step, so no extra die from him, but obstruction is checked just before rolling. Does Romodi prevent from removing a die if the attack on the objective token is obstructed? Thanks!
  12. If, during an attack, I choose to not spend the objective token in order to resolve the objective's effect, do I still get the victory token? It looks to me that getting the victory token is something you get regardless you spent the objective token, but I'm unsure. Thanks!
  13. If a ship or squadron move completely out of the play area, where I measure from in order to check distance in case some effect requires it, such as Reserve Hangar Bay?
  14. Similarly as my question regarding Reserve Hangar Bay and General Grievous interaction: Nevoota Bee activates 1 delta-7, it gains swarm. The delta then attacks and get destroyed due to a counter or salvo attack. May I resolve Hot Landing first to give a raid token to an enemy ship and then Reserve Hangar Bay to save my squadron?
  15. Both cards have the same timing. May I choose to resolve Hyperspace Assault first in order to... a) set aside my only small ship to avoid equipping Mercy Mission to it? b) set aside the ship I equipped Mercy Mission on to avoid equipping Mercy Mission on another ship? For example if that ship is an Acclamator with Flag Bridge and Mercy Mission equipped.
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