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  1. Does San Hill allow a ship to activate more squadrons with Hyperwave Signal Boost than a ship's squadron value? For example if you use San Hill to discard 1 token at the start of the squadron phase, can a ship with a squadron value of 4 activate 5 squadrons with Hyperwave Signal Boost? (Assuming all 5 squadrons are in range of the ship equipped with San Hill.)
  2. If Nash Windrider's ability is used on a ship which isn't engaging at the current initiative step, when does that ship engage? Is it at the end of the current initiative step or does player order matter?
  3. If a ship has thermal shields and early warning system equipped, or is obstructed, when a ship attacks it which triggers first? Or is it the defending player's choice?
  4. If a ship performs a Salvo attack against a ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine officer, does it have to spend a defence token (if able)?
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