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  1. Theoretically if there is a character on top of a terrain piece (say a daily bugle) that can move long and can place a movement tool on another appropriate terrain piece (say deadpools taco van) and doesn't have fly or wall crawler can they successfully move from the first terrain piece onto the other terrain? The reason for this is that I know advancing off of a terrain doesn't require a small movement tool to be used, but would it cause complications moving onto another terrain? Would terrain or character sizes matter in this kind of scenario?
  2. So based on the rule book when determining cover 1 requirement is, "a straight line can be drawn from any portion of the attackers base to any portion of the defenders base through that terrain feature." Does this mean that if the attacker is farther than 2, and the defender is withing range 1 of the terrain, then even if the majority of the base of the defender is visible to the attacker they will still get cover? So for example if a line can be drawn from far left of the attacker base to the far right of the defender base (assuming the attacker and defender players viewpoints across from one another), if a line CAN be made and it goes through a tiny bit of an appropriate terrain the defender gets cover? Is there any limit to this such as having to draw the line from center base to center base?
  3. How does the interaction work between all you've got and bleed? If a character has bleed would they take one damage before they active all you've got, activate again, then take another bleed damage at the end of that activation?
  4. Is it possible to stack both Kravens and Lockjaws Interdimentional Bloodhound and Expert Tracker? I would assume so since neither says once per character or even once per round, so if either character has enough power they could activate it on the same character twice. However, I didn't know if they could stack with eachother or themselves and get 2 more attack dice in some way.
  5. So does blind obsession count as a status condion? The reason for asking is if either Ultron or Ghost rider successfully activate The Age of Ultron or Deal With The Devil respectively, they both say that each character is not KO'd and to remove all status conditions. Would that include blind obsession then, or would they actually get to keep it?
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