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  1. If a unit of magna guard is promoted to commander, does it count for his how retinue?
  2. Reading the overrun x keyword, it states that it is an attack, and not an attack action. So, just to clarify, a unit with overrun x can perform up to x overrun attack and would still be able to perform his normal attack as well. Is this correct? Thank you
  3. If a transport is defeated and there is no way to place the unit leader in base contact with the transport as per rrg, be it because of terrain or because another unit is blocking the eligible locations, what happens to the transported unit? On a relative note, does the unit disembarking need to be strictly in base contact with the transport, or there may be a slight gap (i.e. if a piece of terrain is lifting the base)? And if the latter is true, how much of a gap can be left (using the silhouette eight or the base eight maybe)? Thanks in advance
  4. When a vehicle that is transporting a unit is defeated, can the transported unit be placed in melee as long as it's also placed in base contact with the transport?
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