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  1. How does Helios laser work if some of the characters paying for it are holding hammers? I would assume that if you want X person to contribute Y dice then you’d have to pay Y+1 to achieve that… is this correct?
  2. Given Baron Zemos and Thor’s superpowers that let them move and attack with the same action, is the move action granted by this ability optional? For instance if thor For Asgard’s into Mysterio, can he choose to stay in his current position? And if so, has a move action or movement taken place?
  3. When mysterio has multiple targets to trigger his superpower on, say BP used his spender and pushed multiple people away simultaneously, does mysterio have to pay for any and all up front? Or can he pay and resolve one, therefore possibly opening up more opportunities by getting power for later ones?
  4. If wolverine berserker barrages onto mysterio, when does tricks and traps happen? And can mysterio kill Wolverine before damage is dealt? And if so how does that resolve?
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