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  1. I was hoping to have some clarification about the wording of She-Hulk’s A-Force affiliation. Does the affiliation mean that each character can only get 1 power from the affiliation per battle round. Or does it mean that each character can only give a power after being attacked each round. (Example Storm is damaged by an attack and gives a powers to She-Hulk, when she is damaged again does she have to give the power to a different character or can she not give out another power. Further if Captain marvel is damaged can she give a power to She-Hulk or is that invalid as she already received a power from when Storm was damaged earlier?)
  2. I apologize if this question has been answered before but when interacting with a token are you limited to one interaction with that token type (ergo you can only interact with one secure and one extraction token from each crisis). Or does it mean that you can only interact with a token 1 time each turn (for example a character that is carrying 2 hammers is dazed, would a single character be able to pick up both hammers or can they only pick up one of them?) so a character can interact with every token on the board, but can only do so once. I apologize again if this has been answered but I wanted to make sure we were doing this correctly or not.
  3. I have a quick question around using 2 restricted cards in you team tactics card selection. I have seen multiple different reports that allow you two use both restricted cards in your selected 5 cards, such as ‘All you’ve got’ and ‘Medpack’. However my group has been playing it as though you could include 2 restricted cards but can only use one in your selected 5 tactics cards. I just wanted a clarification on which interpretation is correct.
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