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  1. does using cyclops attack count as an action for rogue.
  2. does rouge gain the power she takes from mutant absorption
  3. what are the 5 types of movement? Advance, Climb, Place, Push and Throw?
  4. Does Advance count as movment for the purposes of triggering effects? For example Rockets booby traps state movement. where as green goblins Trick or treat states advance or placed.
  5. If Cyclops pays to for hit and run and attacks Sabretooth, would Sabretooth aggressive and then possible untamed force trigger before he gets to move?
  6. If I am holding two objectives (Daemons Down Town) would i get a total of 3 VPs or 4VPs? if i also have the senator would i score 3 VPs ( 2+1 VPs)? or is it a total of one extra 1 VP?
  7. But as the charge action counts towards your 2 action limit and the attack action does not, despite getting that action back would they not of still performed one of their 2 actions, in other words is the charge, attack one action or is it a charge one action and a attack subsequent action that does not count towards the limit as the rules state?
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