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  1. Yes. They wouldn’t be done concurrently but both actions can be used to do the same thing so long as that special rule isn’t limited to once per turn or activation (like the Charge superpower):
  2. Yes it can be. When a character is thrown, it ignores the terrain feature it is overlapping at the start of the throw.
  3. You would still have two actions as Green Goblin would not be able to attack Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in that scenario.
  4. Chimichanga is a player effect and would resolve before Bleed which is a neutral player effect.
  5. You have the timing correct. However, further effects of the attack are not allowed on the KO’d character. This is explained in this thread and will be clarified in the rulebook in the future.
  6. No. The Dazed rules do not allow characters to play Team Tactic cards.
  7. In both cases the affected character is not KO’d. The wording difference is due to Bob gaining the Dazed token instead of being saved with one stamina left and still able to activate. Thanos will not gain VP for either effect.
  8. That ability does not require an attack to be made against those characters and it explicitly references and counters the rule that allied characters take 1 damage from area attacks.
  9. Characters cannot be attacked by an allied character so Genetic extraction cannot trigger on them.
  10. Maybe. Power of the Cosmos allows Thanos to use one of his actions to make that attack. This is different from a card like Cruelty that gives a free bonus attack.
  11. That is correct. The final placement of the character moving via Air Lift is independent of Sam Wilson’s final position.
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