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  1. 1. Vision would not gain the Slow special condition because he cannot be pushed. 2. You cannot. Assuming the character is not affected by a special rule that prevents pushes like Enhanced Density then they are still pushed even if it is physically impossible to move the character due to existing contact with terrain features or other characters.
  2. Mental Domination directs the player to make the attack as part of the card resolution Helios Laser Bombardment grants the activating character the ability to use the attack on its card. This essentially adds the attack to the activating character’s card so they can go on to use an action to make the attack.
  3. Active Team Tactic cards that do not specify they must be played during a character’s activation can be played before a character is chosen to activate. Avengers Assemble, Patch Up, and Field Dressing fall into this category. Medpack on the other hand explicitly requires the activating character to play it.
  4. He will get it any time he rolls a Failure. The line break between those two parts of the rules means they are not linked together the way most rules are.
  5. You have it correct. Power spent to pay for the Celestial Hammer penalty will not count towards the power spent to pay for Helios Laser Bombardment.
  6. Yes, it can be used. The Accuser states that when it is triggered Ronan is not Dazed or KO’d. This allows him to make the advance and attack after the triggering effect resolves (step 14b for attacks) and allows Judgment to be used. Both Judgment and The Accuser resolve at the same time Ronan’s controller can choose the order of their resolution. Note that after Ronan’s attack is made he is Dazed or KO’d so there will not be an opportunity to use Judgment after making the attack.
  7. Yes you can. The order these effect apply may be important. See here:
  8. No, it is not. That could result in her being placed farther than the specified range 2.
  9. Yes, Baron Mordo can choose the Dazed character as Soul Barb does not affect it.
  10. Yes. If Iron Man (Hulkbuster) is placed within range 3 of Rocket Raccoon Booby Traps will trigger.
  11. Yes. Each cube is a separate effect so after one deals damage All New, All Different will trigger and resolve before the next damage is dealt by another Cube Fragment.
  12. In order to advance onto terrain that is larger than it, a character must climb. In your example the character would need to use a climb move action to get onto the taco truck unless they were the same size or larger than it or had a rule like Flight and Wall Crawler. Depending on terrain feature placement, you may need to use a move action to advance near the taco truck and another to climb onto it.
  13. You would not lose cover as the calculation of results is done before he is placed within 1. Cover is applied in step 9.a.ii. Results are calculated in step 10. Wolverine places in step 11.a. (Timing chart in Appendix A).
  14. Yes it does. After the effect is resolved Captain America’s controller will resolve All New, All Different twice in the order of their choosing. Keep in mind a character cannot be affected by this leadership more than once per round.
  15. The rules do not direct players to keep the contents of their roster hidden so they should not do so. The rules tell players to hide parts of their roster in two scenarios: 1. When choosing crisis cards, the chosen cards are hidden until both players are ready to reveal. 2. Players hide their squad selections (including Team Tactic cards) until both players are ready to reveal.
  16. Attack damage is dealt in step 12 of the timing chart in Appendix A. The beam/area attack never gets there when an allied character is in range of it because attacks cannot be made against allies (page 18 under Making an Attack). The rulebook states they take 1 damage and no other effects because the attack cannot be made against allied characters.
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