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  1. a) If a unit with a Bomb has been moved in to range 1 of a Deployment Zone by a Force Push or displacement can you use a Guidance action to drop the bomb? b) If you give that unit a move and move into range 1 of the enemy Deployment zone, can that other unit drop that bomb at the end of their move action?
  2. Playing Size Sometimes matters, a) If Yoda has a Bomb from Bombing Run, when you move Yoda to be in base contact with Chewbacca does the Bomb move with Yoda? b) When Chewbacca moves, Yoda moves with him in base contact, does the Bomb move with him?
  3. Can an overrun attack be performed after a standby move?
  4. I know we haven't been shown any unit with Overrun X yet but can we perform the attack against multiple units if multiple units are displaced by the same move action or do we have to pick just one. If a friendly unit is displaced by the same move action as well do we have to choose if we are going to perform the attack against none of the units or all of the units including the friendly one. Thanks
  5. if a unit fires a weapon that has immune:deflect on it, can a jedi that does not have deflect but has a mastery instead that has a similar function still do damage back? For example a Droideka shooting Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Droideka has Immune:Deflect on its weapon, can Obi-Wan spend a dodge and do 1 wound to the Droideka for each Surge he rolls? he does not have the deflect keyword but is doing something very similar? in this particular case can the Droideka spend a shield to not take a wound token? Thanks
  6. Stupid question but if a unit with scale ends its move in base contact with a wall that is not wide enough to place a mini on top of it can the mini be placed on the other side of the wall still in base contact with the wall? Thanks
  7. do Observation tokens persist between rounds? the RRG just states "2. Remove Tokens: Players remove all aim, dodge, and standby tokens, as well as one suppression token from each unit" With no mention of Observation tokens.
  8. Can you use Force Barrier on Hits/Crits that are being diverted by guardian. for example Anakin has Force Barrier and is shot, Obi-Wan uses Guardian on 2 hits, can Anakin use Force Barrier on those 2 hits?
  9. I have 3 questions about LAATs 1. Can a unit with an objective token (like a bomb from bombing run or a hostage from hostage exchange) board a LAAT? 2. Can a unit inside a LAAT be given a bomb token from bombing run or not at the start of the game? If the LAAT has one as well then it essentially has 2 bombs. 3. Can a unit that is currently on board a LAAT score in breakthrough if the LAAT is scoring? Thanks
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