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  1. How does Escort to Safety effect the attack granted by Paint the Town Red? Example: Carnage activates and Advances then Attacks for his 2 actions. The attack Dazes a character and Carnage pays for Paint the Town Red which let's him advance Short then makes a Symbiote Tendrils attack. The opponent plays Escort to Safety to push the targeted character out of range. What options does Carnage have at this point? Is he "refunded" an Action meaning he could Advance or Attack? Thank you
  2. Does "All New, All Different" trigger more than once if multiple allies are dazed and/or KO'd at the same time? examples: 1) The opponent throws ally A into ally B. Both allies are dazed and/or KO'd as a result of the collision 2) 2 allies become dazed and/or KO'd as a result of "splash damage" from the Excessive Violence attack used by Bob, Agent of Hydra 3) 2 allies become dazed and/or KO'd as a result of damage from the opponent placing a Witness token from the Crisis card "Mayor Fisk Vows To Find Missing Witnesses" Thank you
  3. The card says "At the start of a character activation, if it is holding a Time Fragment roll 1 die. If the result is Crit, Wild, or Hit they may make an additional action this turn. Otherwise, they gain the Stagger special condition." When activating a character can you resolve this effect from the Crisis card first and then use Thor's leadership - Prince of Asgard - to spend 1 power and remove the Stagger you may have gotten from the Time Fragment?
  4. Question 1 The Attackers have a special action listed as Interact (Vault). The last sentence reads "The Defender may immediately Sound the Alarm!" A) Does this mean the Defender may Sound the Alarm! after every time the Attacker Interacts with a Vault? OR B) Does that last sentence only apply once a Vault is removed from the battlefield? Question 2 One of the Defender's options listed under Sound the Alarm! is listed as Patrol: Place one undeployed character within range 2 of a side battlefield edge. A) Can the incoming character be placed within range 2 of any edge of the battlefield? OR B) Can the incoming character only be placed within range 2 of the battlefield edges that were not used by the Attacker or Defender during deployment?
  5. Let's say Optic Devastation is used against 2 targets. In the first attack roll against target A there is a Wild, and in the 2nd attack roll against Target B there is not a Wild. Which targets will suffer the effects of Concussive Force?
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