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  1. The first player resolves all of their devices in any order of their choosing, resolving each detonation and then any resultant effects (such as Sabine Wren's [Crew] "after an enemy ship is affected by a friendly bomb" effect) fully before moving on to the next. Then the second player in player order resolves all of their bombs in any order of their choosing, resolving each detonation fully before moving on to the next (and so on, for multiplayer games).
  2. No. It's a pretty fundamental change to the core mechanics and we want to make sure it's tested thoroughly first.
  3. Hi there - Questions about changes to core game mechanics will be addressed once the new rules documents have been released.
  4. Yes, a jam token is orange and would meet the conditions of Lieutenant Rivas' (TIE/FO Fighter) pilot ability.
  5. No. From the Rules Reference: Q: If a ship with Cloaking Device [Illicit] rolls a focus result and then fails while attempting to decloak, what happens? A: The ship does not remove its cloak token
  6. One jam token removes one green token or breaks one lock. From the Rules Reference: When a ship becomes jammed, the player whose effect caused the ship to gain the jam token chooses for the ship to either remove one of its green tokens or break one of its locks.
  7. No. While there is no maximum limit to the number of actions a ship can perform over the course of a round, a ship cannot perform the same action more than once during a single round, or perform an action it has failed this round.
  8. Yes, the upper limit of 6 attack dice applies when determining the number of attack dice to roll during the Roll Attack Dice step (2a) of an attack. Adding a die result happens in the Dice Modification step (2b) and can exceed the upper limit of 6 dice.
  9. Yes, Han Solo (Gunner, Rebel) allows a ship to perform bonus turret attack at initiative 7.
  10. Because both abilities trigger while a player defends or performs an attack, player order will determine how they are entered into the ability queue. However, no matter the player order, "Klick" (Nimbus-class V-Wing) prevents the range bonus. If Grand Inquisitor (TIE Advanced v1) is player one, the Range Bonus is triggered, then 'Klick" can trigger to prevent it. If Grand Inquisitor is player two, "Klick" triggers first, preventing range bonuses, preventing Grand Inquisitor from triggering. The only difference is if Grand Inquisitor is player one, he CAN spend the force only to have the benefit denied. With that in mind: 1) Player Order 2) Yes 3) Yes 4) yes
  11. Null's (Tie/FO) pilot ability reads: While you are not damaged, treat your initiative value as 7. From the Rules Reference, under Damage: A ship is damaged while it has at least one damage card. A ship is critically damaged while it has at least one faceup damage card.
  12. From the Tournament Regulations document, page 4: Custom “setup” templates designed to aid players in ship deployment and other custom-made tools are not allowed. Players can use only their range rulers and maneuver templates within range 1 of that player’s edge to help them set up formations during deployment.
  13. When a device detonates, the owner of the affected ship(s) rolls dice to determine the effects of the detonation.
  14. No, ships affected by the detonation of a Thermal Detonator suffer the damage rolled, this does not bypass shields. When a ship suffers damage, that damage is suffered one at a time. For each damage a ship suffers, it loses an active shield. If it does not have any active shields remaining, it is dealt a damage card instead. Thermal Detonators have the following effects: When this device detonates, each ship and remote at range 0–1 rolls 1 attack die. Each ship gains 1 strain token for each focus result, and each ship and remote suffers 1 damage / critical damage for each matching result. Compare this to Concussion Bombs: When this device detonates, each ship and remote at range 0–1 is dealt 1 facedown damage card. Then, each ship at range 0–1 must expose 1 damage card unless it chooses to gain 1 strain token.
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