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  1. Rules Reference Correction: In the “Standby” entry the following bullet point should be considered removed: • If a ground vehicle unit performs a move, an attack, or an action, it removes any standby tokens it has. In its place the following bullet point should be considered added: • If a ground vehicle or unit with the hover air/ground keyword performs a move, an attack, or an action, it removes any standby tokens it has.
  2. I would discuss this with your opponent before the game. You do not have a roster, so as written, no, but personally I would play it as you can!
  3. I suggest using something else to stand in for the token - the event is not meant to be limited by the number of tokens provided.
  4. Yes. This change occurred before the game released.
  5. That is correct. No, he can only move his own Brother Daniel token. That is correct.
  6. Please welcome @Thorasto the rules forum Moderator team! Thoras will be answering rules questions and helping maintain the forums.
  7. Recalibration matrix is not granting a new attack roll, it rerolls the dice at a different place than normal. The timing window for Grand Illusion has already passed and it will not be applied to the roll agian.
  8. Painting a character as a different character does not make it that character. 1. This is still CP01 Spider-Man. 2. This is still CP13 Vision. 3. This is still Scarlet Witch. 4. This is still CP30 Daredevil. If players are confused because you painted Enchantress to look like Scarlet Witch, that would be a problem. A clear base that was painted and hobbied could be legal, yes, but a clear base alone is not a hobbied base.
  9. The Asgardian Rule changes the amount of power gained during step 1 of the power phase - adding one additional to it. Effects like that of Magneto that simply cause the character to gain power during the power phase resolve in step 2 as you've mentioned (along with all other things that a player has during the power phase). Stun causes characters with any superpower that uses the "additional" wording to only gain 1 power during the power phase (from the phase itself). They can, of course, gain additional instances of power from other rules.
  10. Spider-Sense should allow characters to reroll up to two defense dice - this will be made clear in the future.
  11. Neither is the case! The character holds on to the Rifle for the remainder of the game.
  12. This is this simple. The specifics of how to measure are there for players who are not used to using tools or other devices to measure distances in tabletop games.
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