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  1. Can I put them on the same ship if I'm willing to accept Flag Bridge's discard-only constraint for the Chimaera-equipped upgrade?
  2. Hondo says one player must assign tokens to "2 different ships", and, separately, the other player must also assign the other two to "2 different ships". Do all four of the assigned ships have to be different from each other? Example: I resolve Hondo in my fleet of Liberty/AF2/CR90. I assign nav to the Liberty and CF to the AF2. My opponent has only an SSD on the table, takes a repair token on it, but must then assign the squadron token to one of my ships. Can they choose to assign the squadron token to the Liberty even though I've already assigned it a token with this resolution of Hondo, or must they assign the token to the CR90?
  3. If I'm flying an SPHA-T Venator and my targeting token gets moved from, say, my side arc into my front arc between the time that it's placed and the time I have the opportunity to attack the following round, what happens? This answer turns on what "EACH of your left, right, OR front firing arcs" means, which is... an internally inconsistent clause, as far as I can tell. "Each" means "every one"; "or" indicates mutual exclusivity. Should I read that clause to mean: 1) "Each of your left, right, and front firing arcs"? In this case, I must make my ignition attack from the front arc if able, because that's where the targeting token is ("against a ship in the special firing arc that its targeting token is within", RRG 9 IGNITION, bullet 2). If I have no ignition shot at a ship out the front arc, I would pick up the targeting token and may make my two other attacks as normal. 2) "Any one of your left, right, or front firing arcs"? In this case, can I get further mechanical clarification: 2a) is it functionally the same as 1), with the special firing arc defined merely by the presence of the targeting token? 2b) or may I make my ignition attack only from the arc in which I originally placed my targeting token, because I defined which arc was the special firing arc when I placed the token last round? 3) I may make an ignition attack against any ship in front, right, or left, constrained only by range as drawn from my targeting token, because they are all special firing arcs. Note I include this interpretation for completeness, because I've seen it advocated, but I frankly don't see any way it's supported by card text or RRG. Thank you!
  4. If I'm player one and playing my opponent's Rift Ambush, can I apply any add-yaw effects I may have to the mandatory speed-1 maneuver? ------- Scenario: I am player 1. Player 2 brought Rift Ambush, and I chose it. I have Take Evasive Action active this round. I am flying at speed 1. I end my maneuver at distance 1-2 of the rift, and must execute a speed-1 maneuver with yaw "-". Can I apply Take Evasive Action to get a yaw of "I" instead? -------- Similarly, would this change if I instead used Moff Jerjerrod while traveling at speed 1?
  5. Hi! Can I discard more than one command token to clear a matching raid token during a single Reveal Command Dial step? The RRG seems to indicate that I can only do this once per round, but I'm not sure I'm reading it correctly, or if that's the intent. RRG 14 RAID TOKENS: > When a ship with a raid token reveals a command dial, it may discard that dial to discard all of its raid tokens, or it may discard a command token to discard a matching raid token.
  6. If I have Gunnery Team equipped and want to make a series of anti-squadron attacks for my first attack in my activation, while still being able to resolve Gunnery Team to make my second shot with my battery armament out of that same arc, what is my timing window to resolve the Concentrate Fire command in order to trigger the Gunnery Team effect? 1) Do I have to spend it on the last squadron I attack? 2) Can I spend it on any squadron attack that I choose? --- Asked differently: Gunnery Team's effect applies to "the next *attack* you perform this activation..." 1) Does a follow-on squadron attack count as "the next attack", as seemingly specified in RRG pg 2 Attack, Step 6, first bullet ("Treat each repetition of steps 2 through 6 as a new attack for the purposes of resolving card effects"), requiring you to save the CF command for your last anti-squadron attack if you want to follow up with a battery armament Gunnery Team shot? 2) Or does "the next attack" mean "the next time you resolve steps 1-6 of the attack sequence", allowing you to spend the CF at any point during the anti-squadron attack and still gain the ability to meaningfully resolve the GT effect? My RAW reading suggests 1. I think I'm in the minority on that, but I unfortunately can't adequately advocate for 2 on a RAW basis. I welcome somebody who disagrees to present the case for 2.
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