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  1. Why is the new iron man(hulkbuster) does that mean when he's iron man he can use ricochet blast?
  2. Does stun effect how much power you gain from from sap power. Example if I roll 3 wilds and I am stunned do I only generate 1 power assuming the target has 3 power
  3. Does the push for battle lust count as an effect of the attack that it triggers off of. I am asking to see if magneto gets pushed even he uses force projection or not.
  4. Can Mr sinister place genetic samples on cloneing banks during the round in which he is dazed.
  5. How does Dr strange's leadership and say punishers rapid fire interact. My gut tells me only the first attack gets changed.
  6. If you hit ronan with a terrain piece and it would cause him to get dazed could he gain an extra power from magneto's leadership before he accusers to say kree justice
  7. How does Dr. Strange's leadership work with beams and AoE attacks
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