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  1. Hello! 1. No, the damage card effect is only applied when it is dealt. It does not "look backward". 2. Yes, that is correct.
  2. The defender is able to "spend" and then choose to "discard" the evade token before it can be "discarded" by Intel Officer's effect.
  3. Yes, you are prevented. The defender cannot "spend" two defense tokens of the same type in the same attack. No.
  4. Hello! Thank you for the question. No. Wulff Yularen 's effect may resolve when a command token that is assigned to the ship is spent. Also, raid tokens can only be discarded when a ship "reveals" its command dial, and not at any other time during that ships activation.
  5. For offical Star Wars: Armada games, you must use all squadron models for the squadron card they are representing.
  6. Hello! No. As the Ship set aside by Profundity must be deployed before any upgrade cards are unequipped and then equipped to the now deployed ship.
  7. External Racks can only be used in a "Close Range" attack as measured from an attacking ships hull zone and not at any other range.
  8. Thank you for your question. No. Counter is not limited by attack range unless otherwise specified. Kickback could still be attacked by the Counter attack, even if Kickback moves beyond Distance 1.
  9. Hello! I am uncertain what you mean by "already being discarded". From what I can understand, you are asking if an exhausted Evade token can be "spent" and then also "discarded" for being able to effect an additional die. If you read the topic on "Defense Tokens" you will find that it states that yes, you can "spend" and then also "discard" either a readied or exhausted Evade token to affect an additional die if the attacking ship is of a larger size class.
  10. Correct! When initially placed in the play area, Exogorths must be touching a non-exogorth obstacle.
  11. It is a permanent effect regardless of the Concentrate Fire command being resolved.
  12. If Swivel-Mount Batteries is discarded by an effect, and a focus token has been placed on a ships hull zone, the focus token would remain. But there would no longer be any negative or positive effect associated with that token.
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