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  1. My first post has been updated to correct an error in the ruling given. My apologies @Duke and why one should always re-read everything twice three times before posting. 😅
  2. Hello! Before a friendly squadron with Escort at Distance 1 of Biggs Darklighter suffers damage during an attack, that damage may be reduced by a total of 1. If so, choose another friendly squadron with Escort at Distance 1 (of Biggs Darklighter ) and that squadron suffers 1 damage.
  3. Hello! The Interdictor title is able to ready cards with a "Ready Cost" without the ship having to spend the required token to "Ready" that card. This is because the "Ready Cost" is only applied if the card is readied "During the Status Phase", unless otherwise specified by that card. Review the "Readied", "Ready Cost" topics in the Rules Reference Guide for additional details.
  4. Hello! No, as "toggling" a squadrons activation slider to the activated side by an effect like the Exogorth or Dutch Vander is not activating that squadron.
  5. Never hurts! Thanks for bringing this up. This is the prior answer in full and still stands as the official answer.
  6. Hello! Very interesting question! To answer the question, Yes, unequipped upgrade cards that are set aside would still count towards your fleets total value. However, this seems like this would be best solved by the group voting on how they would like to handle this aspect of their campaign. Some suggestions would be that players could discard these unequipped upgrade cards without having to retire their fleets. Or! That unequipped cards don't count towards a players fleets total value. Either way, a group discussion seems best before beginning a Corellian Conflict Campaign.
  7. Hello Ardaedhel, No, all four ships do not need to be different from each other. Only that each players chooses "2 different ships" when resolving their part of the effect of Hondo Ohnaka (Officer). Thank you for your excellent example! Yes, they must choose to assign a squadron token to any of your ships, this can include any ships that you chose when resolving your part of that cards effect.
  8. Hello, thanks for your question. The player that controls the ship decides. They can accept the placed token and assign it to the ship by discarding a command token already assigned or choose to discard the newly Placed token and not assign it to their ship.
  9. Hello! No, there are no current rules that allow for this.
  10. Hello! It is the first, however you can always house rule it to be the 2nd if you all agree to that if that seems to provide a better gameplay experiance.
  11. Hello! Thank you for the question. All Proximity Mine tokens and/or Minefield objective tokens at distance 1 of a ship would resolve and be removed, even if the ship is destroyed during this process. Both of those effects, as per prior clarification, "resolves during the Move Ship step while executing a maneuver.", "While" is a timing step that is before "after".
  12. Hello! Yes, resolving Leia Organa's (Commander) card effect would also resolve the card effect of the Liberty ship title.
  13. Hello! The additional card dealt by Structural Damage would not be dealt faceup, as it is an effect being resolved by that damage card. The additional card would be dealt facedown, then the Structural Damage card would be flipped facedown. Then if an another hull damage is suffered, the next damage card would be dealt face up due to XX-9 Turbolasers effect.
  14. Hello! Thank you for your question. No, San Hill's effect would not resolve in the manner you've described in your example with Hyperwave Signal Boost. Only the squadron number chosen by Hyperwave Signal Boost would receive that effects bonus as stated by "each of those squadrons" wording. Using your example, you use San Hill to discard 1 token at the start of the squadron phase, and then a ship with a squadron value of 4 exhausts Hyperwave Signal Boost and chooses 4 squadrons with that cards effect. That ship would then activate 4 squadrons chosen by Hyperwave Signal Boost to resolve with that effect for its AI bonus and then, that ship would activate 1 additional squadron (without HSB's bonus) due to San Hill's effect.
  15. No, as Axe is not the squadron that is defending. Only a defending ship or unique squadron that spends fewer than 2 of its own defense tokens are capable of resolving Luminara Unduli (Commander) effect. Does this answer your question?
  16. Hello! Great question! "This Activation" means whatever is currently "activated", either Odd Ball themselves or another squadron or ship. There is no short answer to this explanation, so I apologize in advance. The key point here is "WHOM's" activation this is when a squadron is moved by Fighter Coordination Team. A squadron is not activated when “moved” by Fighter Coordination Team, as it is currently the ships activation. I’ll lay out an example of how Fighter Coordination Team, Odd Ball and Ahsoka Tano (squadron) interact. Let's say we have a Pelta Medical Frigate that has Fighter Coordination Team equipped, and also Odd Ball and Ahsoka Tano (squadron) are near. After completing its maneuver, the Pelta Medical Frigate is at close-medium range of both Odd Ball and Ahsoka and chooses to move Odd Ball first. Odd Ball moves up to distance 1. Then Ahsoka is moved up to distance 1, and uses their card effect to target Odd Ball. Odd Ball attacks and is able to use their card effect to reroll up to 2 dice, because Odd Ball moved "this activation" as the activation is still the Pelta Medical Frigate.
  17. Greetings! It's been brought to our attention that the Star Wars: Armada Errata Reference posted on July 6th 2021 on the Fantasy Flight Games website contains some errors and misprinted cards. We're aware of these errors and we're working towards a solution to correct it, sadly we cannot provide a timeframe as to when these corrections will take place. Please ensure you are using the most recent Star Wars: Armada Rules Reference and reviewing any corrections issued within this forum as the "official" wording for upgrade cards. We appreciate your patience.
  18. Hello! Thank you for your question, typically we ask that only ONE question is submitted at a time, but I can see how these are related and makes sense to include. For a ship equipped with SPHAT-T each hull zone listed (the front, left, and right zones) are all considered to be a special firing arc capable of conducting an Ignition attack. You must conduct an Ignition attack from the hull zone that targeting token is currently located within as determined by its special firing arc, if able. If the targeting token is moved from its "left" hull zone to its "front" hull zone, the Ignition attack would be conducted from the "Front" hull zone. And to get a jump on the inevitable "what about if the targeting token is straddling two hull zones special firing arcs?" As written in IGNITION [RANGE] KEYWORD topic. "At the beginning of a ship’s “Attack” step, if its targeting token is in play, that ship must perform an ignition attack against a ship in the special firing arc that its targeting token is within as its first attack during this activation, if able." If a targeting token is not "within" a hull zones special firing arc as defined by the RANGE AND DISTANCE topic, no Ignition attack may be conducted. Yes you are correct, that interpretation is not supported.
  19. Yes, resolving Admiral Ackbar's effect would not prevent a ship from attacking from its left or right hull zones with Salvo or Counter attacks.
  20. Hello! Yes, you are able to add two dice to the attack pool, both being a single color or each being a different color. As a reminder, both of these die must be added and rolled at the same time. You could not add one die of one color to see what result you would get, and then add the second die based on that result. As that would be resolving the effect twice.
  21. Yes. A ship can resolve the effect of a command at the appropriate time, such as Concentrate Fire during the “Resolve Attack Effects” step of an attack. But a ship cannot resolve the same command more than once per round.
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