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  1. Probably Manipulation is not considered dice modification
  2. Servant to the Sorcerer Supreme requires Wong to be within range of an allied "Doctor Strange" "Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme" is not "Doctor Strange" and can not be used to provide him the bonus.
  3. You will not be able to resolve the Arc rule if you KO the character with the attack damage. You are correct, by the time you get to the timing step that Arc resolves in, the character is no longer on the battlefield and thus can not be measured from.
  4. The other character has aggressive in this example, the one Mysterio is attacking. Take a look at Crossbones as an example character.
  5. Sin is the character that is performing the push from her Leadership, so the character being pushed will not stop if they would contact Sin. They will stop if they would contact another character during the push.
  6. Yes, your sequence looks correct. Yes, other triggers can also occur off the same event.
  7. Unless I’m misunderstanding the question, this should be covered by the errata section of the FAQ. The wild push is a before damage is dealt timing.
  8. Unfortunately there isn't a window in this scenario to play that card. "After the attack is resolved" is actually still occurring during the attack, specifically step 14 of Appendix A & Neogenetic recombinator is an anytime rule. You can then find a box on Page 15 of the online rule book that explains "any time" abilities are not literally any time. They can't actually interrupt another action/effect in progress, so since the "after the attack is resolved" is actually still during the attack, it can't interrupt it.
  9. Rapid Fire occurs during step 14a of the attack it triggers in and the throw portion of Heroes for Hire occurs in step 14b of the attack it was played during, so the attack granted by Rapid Fire will occur prior to the Throw from Heroes for Hire
  10. It depends on the exact timing of the rule in question. X-Ceptional Healing & Odins Blessing are "would be damaged" triggers, which is step 12 of Appendix A. Sap Power on Vision as an example is "Before damage is dealt", which is Step 11 of Appendix A. In this scenario, the defender does lose power before before having the opportunity to play either of those cards. Its always good to double check the exact wording for the rule your looking at though, rather than rely on the name of the rule, just in case.
  11. You wouldn't be activating the model again immediately, your opponent would get a turn in between you removing the activated token and then getting to activate the character again.
  12. No, the roll you are performing for the Sinister Traps card is not coming from the model that played the card, which is a requirement for the rules you are referring to.
  13. Neither of those actually Carnage would then get to make the Symbiote Tendril's attack granted to him by Paint the Town Red against an eligible character (whichever that happens to be) and then continue on with any characters that were originally in range of Maximum Carnage when it was first initiated (Character B in this scenario).
  14. The check in the Power Phase is separate from any checks that occurred previously, so yes, if at the point that the check is made the Sin player has a model securing that objective, they will be able to move it.
  15. 1. Yes 2. No, the action is not refunded. The current action ends and you are given permission to perform another action. (Saying the action is refunded has certain connotations to it. Its not a refunded action, it’s a new action.)
  16. Neither of those are quite accurate. A character may use one portal once per turn. This is closest to your first proposed answer, but different in that a turn and an activation are not the same thing.
  17. Defenders of Arcadia is based around a players turn, not a game round. It allows each allied character to gain a single power during any particular turn. I'd suggest reviewing this thread to help ensure you understand the distinction between turn and round- https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/topic/876-turn-and-rounds/?tab=comments#comment-3628
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