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  1. If I have not yet spent a Concentrate Fire Dial or otherwise performed the Concentrate Fire command in a round may I spend a Concentrate Fire token during a Salvo attack to reroll a die?
  2. If I discard a readied Redirect token on an MC30 with the Admonition title, can I still spend the other Redirect token for its usual effect?
  3. The RRG says "If the Defender's Speed is 0, it cannot spend Defense Tokens". Is this only for defensive purposes such as their standard effect or Thermal Shields, or does it also apply to alternate effects such as Turbolaser Reroute Circuits or Commander Vader? For example, may an Onager with the Rakehell title at speed 0 spend its Salvo token during an attack to reroll attack dice using Commander Vader's ability?
  4. If I have a Navigate token on my GR-75 with Comms Net, and I reveal an Engineering command. Can I use Comms Net to transfer the Navigate token to another ship before discarding the Engineering dial to take an Engineering token on the GR-75m
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