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  1. Hi While disembarking I understand the unit leader cannot be placed into base contact with an enemy unit and cannot move into base contact with an enemy unit. However, in the case of units with Force Push is it possible after disembarking and moving at speed 1 to use the ability on an enemy unit within range 1 and move it within base contact of the unit that just disembarked? Regards
  2. On page 31 of the Rules Reference, Under 1. Determine Number of Obscured miniatures the second paragraph states "If the attacking unit leaders base is touching a piece of terrain, that piece of terrain cannot cause a mini in the defender to be obscured. Does that rule apply to area terrain? That is, if the attacking unit leaders base is touching an area terrain piece then that area terrain cannot cause a mini in the defender to be obscured?
  3. Hi Say Captain America throws his shield and hits his target within range 4 and then wants to use Ricochet on Mystique that is within range 3 of the hit character but is beyond range 3 from Captain America. Can Ricochet still target and hit Mystique or does her stealth ability protect her? Regards
  4. In the FAQ the answer to the question regarding the 'end' of a movement tool requiring a models base to touch both points on the curved I am not sure if its referencing whether that is done at both the start of the movement and at the end. When ending your characters movement using a movement tool, do you have to place the base in contact with both points of the movement tool, if you moved the character the full distance along the movement tool? Regards
  5. For example, do I have to have Thanos in my team to claim the Black Order affiliation? Or can I have the other characters of Black Order as long as they form more than 50% of my team and can claim affiliation? regards
  6. Hi This was posed at our last game. Can a character, lets say with L movement but only half of that is to the extract objective, move along the L line half way to be within 1 of the objective then use the interact to pay the power and pick up the objective and then keep on moving for the remainder of their L movement? That is, can a character move, pick up an objective and then keep on moving in the same action if there is enough movement left? My take was that it cannot. Character must spend move action and where its model ends completes that move action. Then if its within 1 of an extraction objective it can pay power to pick it up. Then if it still has an action left it can use it to move again. Regards
  7. With regards to he prehensile tongue, Toad can interact with objectives within 2. By interacting does that also assume that he can contest objectives within 2 rather than range 1? Regards
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