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  1. Hello! Thank you for your patience while we worked out an answer. Vehicles, including repulsor vehicles, can block line of sight, whether that be the mini itself or its base. The only time the base of a repulsor vehicle is ignored is when determining whether it has cover. Thus, the base of an A-A5 can block line of sight to other minis. Additionally, it would also block line of sight to and from a charge token.
  2. Hello, Mandaluri! Thank you for your patience while we put together an official answer to your question. There are three points that I want to stress that form the basis for my answer and the rules found in the tournament regulations. Players must use official Star Wars: Legion minis. Those minis can be modified but must clearly represent the original minis the are being used as. The tournament organizer makes the final determination of whether the rule above is being followed, and should strive to apply this consistently across tournaments. With those rules in mind, here are my responses to your specific questions: E1 - Rebel Troopers painted in white/snow colors, using them as Rebel Veterans with a Rebel Veterans card. – No. By merely being painted white, these minis are not distinguishable as different from Rebel Trooper minis. However, if these minis were modified, to physically represent Rebel Veterans, this would be acceptable. E2 - Stormtroopers painted in black, using them as Death Troopers with a promo Death Troopers card. – No. As above, merely painting these minis black does not distinguish them from Stormtrooper minis. However, if these minis were modified, to physically represent Death Troopers, this would be acceptable. E3 - Phase I clone troopers with Phase II helmets from an ARC expansion, using them as Phase II with a promo Phase II card. – Yes, this is acceptable, as these minis physically represent Phase II clone troopers. E4 - Using Rebel troopers with a modified MPL with a longer gun, counting as a Rebel Commandos Strike Team with sniper, having a promo unit card and upgrade. – Possibly. If the minis, and not just the gun, were modified to physically represent Rebel Commando minis, this would be acceptable.
  3. A lucky result indeed! You're correct, nothing happens! The A-A5 wins again!
  4. Hello! I assume you are playing with the Rapid Reinforcements condition, yes? No, you cannot set aside a LAAT/le. You must set aside 1 to 2 non-commander, non-operative trooper units.
  5. Hi, Hoffburger! No, bomb carts do not trigger the Minefield condition. The exact quote from the rules reference is: "A bomb cart mini can move through or over impassible terrain, so long as its final placement is legal. A bomb cart mini is treated as a unit when determining legal placement." The context of this rule is in relation to terrain. It is not intended to mean that a bomb cart is treated as a unit when it ends a move for all possible game effects.
  6. Hey, Mandaluri! If a unit leader cannot be placed in base contact with the base of the vehicle it is disembarking from, with the rest of the minis legally in cohesion, then that unit cannot disembark. Being placed in base contact with the vehicle is the very first step of disembarking, so if that condition cannot be met then the disembark action cannot be performed.
  7. Hello! I'll answer your question in two parts: 1) Does immune: pierce apply when a unit uses guardian? Yes, the rules reference entry for immune: pierce specifically calls that it also applies when using guardian. 2) The player that controls the attacking unit decides how to use the pierce keyword; they can use all, none, or even a part of their pierce x value on a guardian role. They must resolve applying pierce to the guardian roll before moving on to the next step of the attack though. Obviously then, in the example with Obi-wan, as the attacker I would choose to apply the full pierce value to the unit that's defending against the attack, and not Obi-wan's guardian roll.
  8. Hello, Harck! Great question! No, you cannot use spur to increase a unit's speed when it disembarks. This is because when a unit disembarks it performs a "speed-x" move; a speed-x move is a standard move that must be at X speed or lower, it does not take into account a unit's maximum speed. Spur increases a unit's maximum speed by one, so it has no effect on a speed-x move.
  9. Hello Mandaluri! Yes, you can start a melee in this situation. The clamber is now a separate move from the disembark.
  10. Hello! "Claim" is a specific action, whereby a unit "picks up" an objective token. Neither Intercept the Transmissions nor Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators allow units to claim objective tokens. However, Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators allows units to use the "Sabotage/Repair" action. As a card action, one unit cannot perform this action twice in the same activation, there is however, no restriction on the number of different units, belonging to the same player, that can use that action during the same game round.
  11. Hello! "Restore" is a game term and has its own entry in the online rules reference, including the stipulation that restored minis must always have been defeated during the current round.
  12. No worries! As per the FAQ ruling, "as though that ship had spent 1 force" implies "as if the ship had spent 1 force for the normal effect of spending a Force charge." Meaning that, Palpatine has the same effect as a ship spending 1 force to change one focus result to a hit/evade result. It does not mean that a player should treat the effect as if the ship had spent one force instead of Palpatine.
  13. Hello! On all X-Wing cards "you" refers to the ship with that card text. "You cannot spend force except while attacking." – "You" means Vader. Thus, Vader cannot spend force except while attacking. This does not restrict Emperor Palpatine from spending force while Vader is defending.
  14. Rules Reference Update: The following changes will be included in an upcoming update. FAQ, SPECIFIC CARD QUESTIONS Q: If a ship is affected by Padmé Amidala’s pilot ability and it modifies 1 of its focus results, can Emperor Palpatine [Crew, Empire]’s ability be used to modify a second focus result? A: Yes. The ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) is modifying that ship’s second focus result, and not that ship itself.
  15. Question: Can a ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) spend a Force charge to use a Ship or Pilot Ability on the target ship? Answer: No. Emperor Palpatine functions as if the ship had spent a force for the normal effect of spending a Force charge. A ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) can either spend 1 Force charge while a friendly ship is performing an attack to change one of its Focus results to a Hit result, or while a friendly ship is defending to change one of its Focus results to an Evade result. Question: Can a ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) spend a Force charge to change Darth Vader’s (TIE/D Defender) results while he is defending? Answer: Yes. The ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) is spending the Force charge, and not Darth Vader (TIE/D Defender). Question: Can a ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) spend a Force charge to change a Blank result to a Hit result while Darth Vader (TIE/D Defender) is performing an attack? Answer: No. Emperor Palpatine’s (Crew) effect can only be used for the normal effect of spending a Force charge. Additionally, the ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) is spending the Force charge, and not Darth Vader (TIE/D Defender). Question: Does the ability on Padmé Amidala (Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter) prevent a ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) from modifying another ship’s focus result after that ship has already modified one of it’s Focus results and it is in Padmé Amidala’s (Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter) primary arc? Answer: No. The ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) is modifying that ship’s second Focus result, and not that ship itself. Question: Can a ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) spend a Force charge as a part of the cost for the pilot ability of a friendly Fifth Brother (TIE Advanced v1) or a friendly Seventh Sister (TIE Advanced v1)? Answer: No. Emperor Palpatine’s (Crew) effect can only be used for the normal effect of spending a Force charge. Additionally, the ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine (Crew) is spending the Force charge, and not the other friendly ship.
  16. Hello! Shield tokens can only be used by the unit that "owns" them, in this case the landspeeder, so they would not be useable by a transported unit.
  17. Hello! It is unintuitive, but you are correct. Because the timing of the standby attack interrupts the normal sequence of an activation, the ion token would be removed without having any effect. A unit "checks" for ion tokens at the start of its activation, and removes any ion tokens it has at the end of its activation. There is no special rule for when ion is gained in the middle of a unit's activation.
  18. Hello, Luunta, glad to hear you're a fan of the A-A5 miniature! We also feel that players shouldn't be punished for the cool hobby and assembly choices they make. With that in mind, and since the A-A5 and LAAT/le are both unique in that the official minis can be assembled with doors open or closed, players should always treat both doors as closed for the purposes of determining line of sight through an A-A5 or LAAT/le mini. So, you're free to assemble your A-A5 any way you want!
  19. Hello, Floorf! Excellent question. Yes, a unit benefiting from the effect of Take That, Clankers! would be able to add a grenade upgrade weapon to their attack pool, against a unit with immune: range 1 weapons, because at the point at which the weapon is added to the attack pool (the Form Attack Pool step) it has had its range increased to 2, and is no longer a range 1 weapon.
  20. Hey Floorf! Happy to clarify! First of all, it's always valuable to come to an agreement with your opponent on potential terrain interactions before the start of the game. As a general rule, if the gap is big enough that the unit could stop its movement between the two locations and be at a different (lower) elevation, then it can't just move from one location to the other. It needs to check whether it could legally move onto the elevation of the second location. Remember that a miniature moves along the movement tool, it doesn't just teleport to the other end. So any rules that would apply anywhere along that move are relevant.
  21. Rules Reference Correction: In the “Wounds” entry the following bullet point should be considered added: A unit leader cannot be chosen to suffer wounds, unless it is the only mini in the defending unit that is in line of sight of the attacker, if it is the only wounded mini in the unit, or if it is the last mini in the unit. This bullet point was unintentionally removed in a previous update.
  22. Hello! I can clarify this for you. In the following sentence: "When a unit with the with the danger sense x keyword would remove any number of its suppression tokens, it may choose any amount of tokens up to that number to remove, including none." The second instance of "number" refers to the first instance of "number" and not to the "X" value of danger sense x. So for example, if a unit with danger sense Rallied and rolled two block/surge results, if could remove 2, 1, or 0 suppression tokens, regardless of whether it has danger sense 2, 3, 4 or whatever value. The numerical value of the danger sense keyword refers only to the maximum number of additional defense dice the unit may roll while defending.
  23. Hello! I'm happy to clarify the smoke token effects, here are the answers to each of your questions: 1. Yep! 2. Indeed! 3. In that scenario the defender does not gain cover 1 from the smoke token. A smoke token can only effect units whose unit leaders are range 1 of said token. 4. Note that the unit leader must be at range 1 (which includes within, but is different). But yes, this is specific on purpose. For ease of play, it is simpler to check the position of the unit leader, rather than each mini in the unit. 5. Correct, see previous answer. 6. Yep! Though, as I alluded to, it is simpler to determine than area terrain, since it only "checks" for the position of the unit leader. Let me know if that answers your questions!
  24. Hello! Great question! Yes, strictly speaking, more than one copy of Improvised Orders can be used in a round, however the effect of one Improvised Orders cannot "chain" into the effect of a second Improvised Orders - either to draw three order tokens at once or to draw a third order token after the picking one from the first two. The entirety of the effect of the first Improvised Orders must be completed, including "choosing to use" a token, before other effects can be triggered (such as another Improvised Orders), at which point the timing window when a second Improvised Orders could have been triggered is closed. As a general rule, game text (not reminder text) that is a full sentence is treated as a discrete effect and cannot be interrupted by other effects until is is completed.
  25. Hello! It would be the later; while Rex's weapon is a ranged weapon, the attack is still a melee attack, and thus no suppression would be applied.
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