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  1. Yes, all Symbiote tokens that are under the range tool are moved, including those dropped as a result of the attack. The attacking character resolves all placements. No, Symbiotes only attach in this was as a result of Creepy Crawly Goo
  2. When a character is KO'd the Sonic Rifle should be removed from the character and placed in the discard pile. Yes
  3. The Kylntar Beacon is an Asset token. Symbiotes are objective tokens that are not Asset or Civilian tokens.
  4. Each player selects one Symbiote and moves it, regardless of if it has been moved by another player or not. This process repeats until all players have had a chance to move a single Symbiote token. It can be, if a subsequent player chooses it. No, the power should only be gained if the character takes damage. A Sonic Rifle is not a Symbiote, so no.
  5. No. Mystic Portals do not specify an Interact ability and do not count for this rule. Yes, you can still Interact with a Canister while holding a Symbiote token. If you draw a Symbiote, follow the same procedure as Creepy Crawly Goo: if the interacting character already has a Symbiote, they take 1 damage, gain 1 power, and discard a Symbiote (and its token) at random. The Klyntar beacon should be treated as an Asset token. Any effect that would affect an Asset token works with the Klyntar beacon. Symbiotes are objective tokens but NOT Asset or Civilian tokens. If an effect would work on an objective token (Like Miles' Venom Blast) it works on the Symbiote token. The Sonic Rifle is not a token, so effects that target objective tokens of any sort do not affect the Sonic Rifle.
  6. The print card has this clarified; it will say "up to" two dice.
  7. Yes, a character that receives a Symbiote token via Creepy Crawly Goo should draw a Symbiote card.
  8. The rules of the Separation Anxiety contain the following special rule: As per the Core Rules of MCP, when a character is Dazed or KO'd they drop all objective tokens they are holding. Symbiote tokens are objective tokens, so being Dazed or KO'd forces a character to drop it. Dropping the token triggers the above rule, and the Symbiote is lost.
  9. Blind Obsession is not a special condition. EDIT: In this specific case, both The Age of Ultron and Deal With The Devil trigger when the character is KO'd. When a character is KO'd, they are cleared of all tokens and ongoing effects. So Blind Obsession would still be lost, even though it is not a special condition.
  10. This version is correct. Uneasy Allies refers to Spider-Man and Venom specifically, not any other allies.
  11. You do not have to use the Plucky Attitude superpower just because an attack roll has no hits or a defense roll has no blocks. But if you do use the superpower, you do have to reroll all dice. You cannot pick and choose.
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