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  1. Hey there, The effect of ISB Investigation happens command cards are revealed during the following command phase, so the card in play stays even if it has the number of pips declared. They stay out of play until the next command card has been selected. The owning player may look at the set aside cards if they desire. TP
  2. Hey there, No scale triggers off a move action, and a speed X move is not a move action. TP
  3. Hey there, The cohesion as part of starting an engagement would not remove a standby. The standby can be spent once the move that started the engagement is complete. TP
  4. Hey there, Weapon keywords only apply if the weapon is used during an attack that includes that weapon. Because the Bowcaster is a ranged weapon, those keywords would not work in melee. TP
  5. Hey there. No. Counterparts use the unit type of their parent unit, so you would need to use treat to restore ID10. Ion does not work on Iden with an ID10 counterpart. TP
  6. Hey there, No. No Time for Sorrows is a speed x move, and relentless triggers off move actions. TP
  7. Hey there, If the timing of an ability uses the word “while,” that ability’s effect occurs during a specific step of the described timing event. So in this case, you would only be able to Guardian crits during a single instance of using Guardian. When you would use Guardian during an additional attack, the card is exhausted and cannot be used a second time (until it is readied again). TP
  8. Hello, In this example, either A1 or B1 would spend their standby token once A2 has completed it's withdraw. Once A1 or B1 completes it's move/attack action, then B2 or C2 could spend one of their standby tokens. If A1/B1 decided to attack B2/C2, you could potentially strip a standby token before they have a chance to spend it. TP
  9. Hey there, No to your first question. The unit leader must be the last to receive wounds unless they are the only miniature in line of sight. Yes to the second, because of the counterpart keyword. TP
  10. Hey there, You cannot disembark into a melee, so you could not trigger charge in this scenario. TP
  11. Hey there, No. Withdraw happens during the units activation. Guidance is outside the units activation. TP
  12. Hey there, Yes. A card will specify if they cannot (like bombing run). TP
  13. Hello, You must roll to see who activates a unit first if card pips are tied. TP
  14. Hey there, No. A unit must spend its entire activation to withdraw. Spending a standby token happens outside of your activation. TP
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