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  1. Greetings, Unit A performs a standard move into melee with unit B who has 1 mini inside a piece of difficult area terrain and one outside. If unit A's unit leader enters base contact with the mini outside of the difficult terrain, with melee cohesion forcing you to place minis into difficult terrain, would you still suffer the effect of difficult terrain with the standard move into melee?
  2. Hello! Couple questions for yall that I'm looking for clarification on: The only place I have seen where the base is not treated as part of the mini is on page 32 in the Cover section where it only refers to "When determining whether a piece of terrain blocks line of sight to a defending mini with a notched base..." Since Hover: Ground vehicles are treated as Ground vehicles by other units, and Ground vehicles bases are treated as part of their mini... Would that mean that an AA5 base would block line of sight to another mini behind it if, for example, it was banked at an angle and perpendicular to an attack? Similarly, could an AA5, or other similar Hover: ground/air vehicle land on a charge token to prevent other minis from having LOS to the token, thus preventing them from taking damage from its detonation?
  3. Is the Jump X action a standard move action that will trigger Tactical X?
  4. Hello all, Suppose you have Dooku with Battle Meditation and an AAT. If you give the order from Mechanized Incursion to the AAT, could you use Battle Meditation to then give the additional order granted by the card, the order issued to a droid trooper at range 1 - 2 of the vehicle, to any unit on the battlefield? Thanks!
  5. I am looking for clarification regarding vehicle movement and how that interacts with starting a melee. I understand that vehicles can be in melee, but cannot be engaged, and normally, units without a melee weapon cannot start a melee. However, near the end of the Transport X: Closed entry, it says the following: A vehicle without a [melee symbol] weapon cannot move into base contact with an enemy unit unless it is displacing that unit. Could you describe the movement the vehicle would have to take to fulfill this apparent exception to the rule about a vehicle moving into base contact without a melee weapon? Secondly, would the enemy unit on the receiving end of the base contact from the vehicle complete the 'snapping' steps outlined in the Melee entry in the RRG?
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