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  1. I have several questions concerning the new Tie Whisper: 1. Since the bases have a misprint what is the official stance concerning tournament play? a) Should we use the bases as they are? b)Should we use another base as proxy? c) Do we have to print the errata and glue it on? I have literally 0 faith in my skills to glue it on without atleast small errors in position. 2. Will we receive a replacement for the misprint? 3. When Kylo Ren (whisper) and malice and compassion got spoiled it was mentioned that kylo can equip both light and dark force powers. Currently the document just mentions dark. What is correct?
  2. Lets say i have a list with Kallus and Boba -> Boba has already been defeated ->i still have his 2 pip in my command hand and kallus 2 pip as contingency -> can i reveal bobas 2 pip and change it to kallus 2 pip? - i know i cant when its the other way round (so kallus has been defeated and i still have his 2 pip in hand and bobas 2 pip as contingency) but the rrf isnt quite clear for me in the presented case with boba dead and kallus alive
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