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Found 10 results

  1. I’m getting ready to run the Unstoppable Colossus encounter at my LGS. I have a question. if Iron Fist uses his Iron Fist on the Unstoppable Colossus does he gain an activated token?
  2. Put simply, does activation end immediately after the second action is taken place? Or can a character move (action 1), move (action 2) then interact with an objective marker, and then proclaim the end of the activation? Thanks, Mch.
  3. By rulebook the activated token is placed on a model after he completes his second action. What happens if my model get dazed by a reactive super power that trigger after the attack is resolved , do i get the activated token? And if it doesn't get the activated token and i immediatly field dress the model, what can he do? He can take 2 action? He just do his remaining actions (if available)? If he doesn't have any more action available he get an activated token? Thanks
  4. When does a model actually receive an activation token? The rulebook says on page 14, “Once a character has made all of its actions, place an Activated Token on its stat card” The context that that sentence exists in suggests that this is the game term “actions”. Meaning you’d receive it after performing two actions, even if the character has more things it could do. The tactic card “All you’ve got” says an activation token is gained at the end of a characters activation. This suggests it’s tied more to a declaration, similar to ending a players turn.
  5. With the new (possibly old rules), if Ultron is activated and would be KO’d, when he plays Age of Ultron, does he remove the activation token as well?
  6. I think I just figured out this card. It does not mention removing the activated token from a character nor limits the chosen character to one without an activated token. However since the token simply means that the character has performed 2 actions this round, then the chosen character can still activate but would not have any actions available to use if it had one. So the 6 power spent and the ttc would pretty much be wasted. Am I correct?
  7. If a player uses Field Dressing on an activated character, does he remove the activation token from it?
  8. Ok, some quotes from the rules to set this one up: "Once a character has made all of its actions, place an activated token on its stat card" (page 14) "As soon as the previous player has declared their turn is over, the next player beings their turn" (page 14) First question: I can't find a rule saying I have to use my two actions before ending my turn. If I do so, does my character get given an activated token? (Clearly they should, but I cannot find the rule that says so. Hence this kind of dumb question, which honestly is more trying to set up the reasoning for my actual question). -- "If a character is Dazed during their activation, their activation immediately ends." So this is the real question. You don't get your activated token until you use up your actions. Your activation doesn't end when you gain the activated token. (confirmed elsewhere by you.) So since those aren't linked. If I activate, Do an action, and become dazed, my activation ends before I gain an activated token. Is this correct? Meaning I can then field dressing and activate that character a second time this turn?
  9. I believe we likely know the answer to this, but I could not find anything in the rules that set this out clearly. Played a game today in which I activated a character, Lockjaw from memory, performed his first action as an attack against Black Widow, who played Martial Artist dealing enough damage to daze Lockjaw. Later in the round I had an active Beast within range and with enough power to use Field Dressing on Lockjaw to remove the dazed token and then remove one damage. Now as the rules state that the you place an activated token on a characters once it has performed all of its actions (did not happen as Lockjaw was dazed midway through) and the rules state that the activation phase ends when a players ends their turn and neither player has a character without an activated or dazed token, this would indicate that the round could not end as Lockjaw has neither an activated or Dazed token. Does this mean Lockjaw could either activate again or continue with his unused actions from his previous activation? We played it that he would not as he had been activated and the card did not specify (like deal with the devil does), but on reading the rules it is not actually clear and would indicate that I could well have activated Lockjaw again.
  10. So we had an issue pop up for the first time. Thanos, chosen of death is immune to stagger but dr strange was able to do mystic binding which after this attack is resolved instead of inflicting the stagger special condition, if the target character does not have that an activated token you may give it an activated token. So does thanos lose a full turn?
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