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Found 7 results

  1. If you are out of activations, and your opponent has 2 or 3 left, is there any way to play active team tactics cards? Do you still have a "turn" if you don't have models left to activate?
  2. Hello, I reaching out in order to clarify what seems to be a dispute between the core rules and what Neogoldar/Thoras have been posting in regards to player turn sequencing. Per what can be gathered from the core rules, on page 14: A player's turn begins when their opponent declares their turn to be over. During your turn you select a character to activate. That character may perform 2 actions as listed. After the 2nd activation it may "use any super powers, interact abilities or other special rules it wishes, then its activation ends" Your turn is over when declared. Now, per the anytime rule listed (pg 15) for team tactics cards, I should be able to play them before selecting a character, after having done so, after that characters 1st action has been resolved, and after the second action has been resolved, as it's currently my turn and no actions or effects are being interrupted. However, the moderators have been been posting recently that seems to run contrary stating that the players turn is over immediately upon the character performing a second action (Threads regarding Cosmic Invigoration/Difficult to please), and that no special effects (Team tactics cards or super powers) may be played after the 2nd action (Omega Red Death Spores thread). This is direct violation of the rulebook's "Activating a Character" on page 14 that states it may use any super powers, interact abilities, or other special rules, and against the described player turn start/end, which would allow for using Active TT cards after the activation token is placed. I do want to be broad here and not just talk about Invigoration specifically, because this also applies to ALL tactics cards. Why is this the case? And if so, when should you be allowed to use Active Team Tactics and Active Superpowers if the Anytime rule is being restricted arbitrarily, what is the forums prescribed order of sequencing? Apologies if this post comes off overly aggressive, but my local group has stopped playing the game almost all together over disputes between the rulebook vs Thoras/Neogoldar, and an email directly to AMG Info had me rerouted here.
  3. I was just reading the rules pdf concerning activations in a round. It of course explains how players alternate turns. However, it does not explain how this works when an opponent has more activations than you. Let's say I have activated all 4 of my characters. My opponent activates their second to last character. When they end their current turn, do I get a turn even though all my characters are activated/dazed? If I do before they activate their last character, I could play Tactic Cards potentially. This has been brought up in my group revolving around the Field Dressing confusion that had been going around.
  4. If a reactive power's triggering conditions are met outside of the Activation Phase, can the power be used? For example, Sin's leadership ability, Red Mayhem, can result in enemy characters being pushed during the Cleanup Phase. If the push moves the enemy character to within range three of an allied Cassandra Nova, can Cassandra then pay two power and use Psychic Distractions even though it's the Cleanup Phase and not the Activation Phase? (I realize there are reactive powers like Agent Black Widow's Interrogate superpower that specify they are to be used in a particular phase outside of the Activation Phase, so this question is for when a phase isn't specified by the superpower, which is by far the majority of reactive superpowers.)
  5. Hi folks, I encountered a rules dilemma in a game yesterday. I finish my last activation and the opposing player has no model without an activated or dazed token. To my surprise he then plays Field Dressing, and activates that previously dazed character. We continue playing as both he and a spectator say that this is how the card works according to official rulings. (Great game btw, fun and excelent opponent) Something about that interaction grated on me so I looked at more than a few reps and saw other people doing excactly that but still I wasn’t convinced. https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/topic/352-field-dressing-timing/?tab=comments#comment-1701 Here is the link to the official ruling and indeed you can field dress a character prior to activating it. Then I dove into the rulebook and found this text on page 14: “The Activation Phase ends when a player ends their turn and neither player has a character without an Activated or Dazed token.” So if I’m interpreting this all correctly then by ending my turn the game should end the activation phase before giving my opponent a turn to play the field dressing. The activation phase simply ends without passing the turn over to him. So seeing as this is seemingly (if my interpretation is right) widely played wrong I decoded to do this writeup before we throw down in the mid-leagues Thanks for reading my textwall Thor
  6. Can you please explain the timing of TT cards like Doomed prophecy, blind obsession and such, who state they need to be played at the start of activation phase? Does that mean you must play them at the start of the round before any character activation?
  7. Per the rules: And per the "Parts of the Activation Phase" timing chart: So if at the start of the Activation Phase I have 1 model and my opponent has 2 models, after I take my turn and activate my one model and they have a turn and activate their one model, do I get a turn to play Team Tactics cards before they activate their 2nd model, or do I not get a turn because I have no model I could activate? If I don't get a turn, does that mean that my opponent gets 2 back-to-back turns? If so, wouldn't that break the "players alternate taking turns," part of the rules?
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