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  1. The real question is timing windows during a player's turn. I know you can start your turn and have a window to play a Tactic Card before you activate someone, but is there also a window to play one after a character's activation is over but before your turn ends. Also, could you play a card in-between actions during an activation. For example: Mystique attacks for first action. I play Juggernaut's throw card. Mystique attacks again for second action.
  2. Hello, It seems that since the rule book has been updated (31/03/2022) this particulary notification change a little bit the way to play. It seems clear that when a caracter has finished all of his action(s) he can perform super powers (like throwing things) or interact with objectives. - If a character want's to perform a super power first does he loose his or all his actions ? - If the super power is a charge (like For Asgard) does the second action is lost because this is a super power ? Thanks a lot
  3. I read the rules, and searched the forms. Just want to clear some stuff up incase its not clear 1. Deployment - Are grunts deployed like a normal character at the start of the game? (so within 3 of board edge, anywhere on the controlling players board edge, or within "X" of parent model? 2. Deployment - When can/are grunts deployed? Anytime before start of game? When you set up the first potential parent, at that same time do you set up the grunt? (set down two models at one "turn" of placement? OR place parent, then oppenent goes, then "have" to place grunt? 3. Activation of grunts - So got that first selected parent dictates when grunts go, but do grunts get two actions like everyone else, or only one? 4. Can SLDD and Elektra benfit from the hand ninja's being within range two of them for their big spender attacks? So lets say Elektra starts on her turn, hand ninjas make an attack of two, pending above question, and then she goes, has power to use Impale and is within range, gets 10 die attack. Then oppenent goes, then SLDD goes and is within range 2 of the hand Ninja's, can he also add 2 dice to his Demon's Devastation attack? Shuriken Arashi Tactic Card - The ideal setup for this is to move the Hand ninja's into range, but still within range two of SLDD, to maximize the short movement of the target. If the targeted character moves out of range and there are no other targets, does this attack just fail, or can another action be selected in its place?
  4. Hello can a unit activate and choose to take no action? for example: Vader is in melee with a enemy trooper unit. decides to standby to perform is attack later in the turn. The engaged enemy unit has not activated yet. Wen it does, it chooses not to take any action to prevent Vader from using it’s standby token. Thanks Pedro
  5. When an effect says it happens "at the end of a characters activation" when exactly is that? Do you have to declare that your turn is ended to trigger the effect? Or is it still technically your turn until the activation is completely ended? If there are multiple effects at the end of a characters activation what order are they resolved in?
  6. Hello, I reaching out in order to clarify what seems to be a dispute between the core rules and what Neogoldar/Thoras have been posting in regards to player turn sequencing. Per what can be gathered from the core rules, on page 14: A player's turn begins when their opponent declares their turn to be over. During your turn you select a character to activate. That character may perform 2 actions as listed. After the 2nd activation it may "use any super powers, interact abilities or other special rules it wishes, then its activation ends" Your turn is over when declared. Now, per the anytime rule listed (pg 15) for team tactics cards, I should be able to play them before selecting a character, after having done so, after that characters 1st action has been resolved, and after the second action has been resolved, as it's currently my turn and no actions or effects are being interrupted. However, the moderators have been been posting recently that seems to run contrary stating that the players turn is over immediately upon the character performing a second action (Threads regarding Cosmic Invigoration/Difficult to please), and that no special effects (Team tactics cards or super powers) may be played after the 2nd action (Omega Red Death Spores thread). This is direct violation of the rulebook's "Activating a Character" on page 14 that states it may use any super powers, interact abilities, or other special rules, and against the described player turn start/end, which would allow for using Active TT cards after the activation token is placed. I do want to be broad here and not just talk about Invigoration specifically, because this also applies to ALL tactics cards. Why is this the case? And if so, when should you be allowed to use Active Team Tactics and Active Superpowers if the Anytime rule is being restricted arbitrarily, what is the forums prescribed order of sequencing? Apologies if this post comes off overly aggressive, but my local group has stopped playing the game almost all together over disputes between the rulebook vs Thoras/Neogoldar, and an email directly to AMG Info had me rerouted here.
  7. Put simply, does activation end immediately after the second action is taken place? Or can a character move (action 1), move (action 2) then interact with an objective marker, and then proclaim the end of the activation? Thanks, Mch.
  8. When does a model actually receive an activation token? The rulebook says on page 14, “Once a character has made all of its actions, place an Activated Token on its stat card” The context that that sentence exists in suggests that this is the game term “actions”. Meaning you’d receive it after performing two actions, even if the character has more things it could do. The tactic card “All you’ve got” says an activation token is gained at the end of a characters activation. This suggests it’s tied more to a declaration, similar to ending a players turn.
  9. I’m pretty sure this has been answered before but my gaming group is thick skulled and could use some clarification. After a character receives there activation token but before you declare you turn over, can you use non reactive super powers, team tactic cards or leadership abilities?
  10. "During activation" isn't really defined. I think, in both of these cases, it would be an acceptable use of Ahsoka, but I want to be sure. 1. I have a squadron token, and reveal a squadron dial - can I use Ahsoka to turn the squadron token into a concentrate fire token, and Then turn the squadron dial into a squadron token? 2. If I use Hondo to give a ship an engineer token, and then take a concentrate fire dial. When I reveal the dial, and I use Ashoka to turn the engineering token into a squadron token in time to discard it (in order to activate boarding party? I think in both cases I can, since I get to choose the order of simultaneous actions (and "during activation" to me, can include "when a dial is revealed") but timing seems to be pretty important (and maybe the most misunderstood part of the game).
  11. Can team tactics cards be played before you activate a character during your turn such as Avengers Assemble? Most of the Team Tactics cards tell you when they can be played specifically, such as 'when targeted by an attack' or other phrases but Avengers Assemble has no such requirements. My opponent claimed no window exists and that all team tactics cards must be played during and activation. I found this thread which appears to say yes, but I want to be sure that there isn't something I am overlooking.
  12. I was just reading the rules pdf concerning activations in a round. It of course explains how players alternate turns. However, it does not explain how this works when an opponent has more activations than you. Let's say I have activated all 4 of my characters. My opponent activates their second to last character. When they end their current turn, do I get a turn even though all my characters are activated/dazed? If I do before they activate their last character, I could play Tactic Cards potentially. This has been brought up in my group revolving around the Field Dressing confusion that had been going around.
  13. Sorry, new to the game. But I thought you can only make one attack per activation, but Kravens spear thrust states “if this character has already attacked this turn with a kukri strike...”. How is this done? Being that the kukri strike was Kraven’s “one” attack. This activation?
  14. Ok, some quotes from the rules to set this one up: "Once a character has made all of its actions, place an activated token on its stat card" (page 14) "As soon as the previous player has declared their turn is over, the next player beings their turn" (page 14) First question: I can't find a rule saying I have to use my two actions before ending my turn. If I do so, does my character get given an activated token? (Clearly they should, but I cannot find the rule that says so. Hence this kind of dumb question, which honestly is more trying to set up the reasoning for my actual question). -- "If a character is Dazed during their activation, their activation immediately ends." So this is the real question. You don't get your activated token until you use up your actions. Your activation doesn't end when you gain the activated token. (confirmed elsewhere by you.) So since those aren't linked. If I activate, Do an action, and become dazed, my activation ends before I gain an activated token. Is this correct? Meaning I can then field dressing and activate that character a second time this turn?
  15. Is there a time after you resolve end of activation effects where you can play team tactics cards? Say you have a character that's taken 2 damage and has the bleed special condition. Is there a time after you take the third damage from bleed where you can medpack all 3 damage? Or if you have played all you've got on a character, can you have another character play field dressing on the first character after they get dazed from all you've got at the end of their activation? I assume this should have the same answer as the first situation, but I figured I'd check anyway.
  16. I believe we likely know the answer to this, but I could not find anything in the rules that set this out clearly. Played a game today in which I activated a character, Lockjaw from memory, performed his first action as an attack against Black Widow, who played Martial Artist dealing enough damage to daze Lockjaw. Later in the round I had an active Beast within range and with enough power to use Field Dressing on Lockjaw to remove the dazed token and then remove one damage. Now as the rules state that the you place an activated token on a characters once it has performed all of its actions (did not happen as Lockjaw was dazed midway through) and the rules state that the activation phase ends when a players ends their turn and neither player has a character without an activated or dazed token, this would indicate that the round could not end as Lockjaw has neither an activated or Dazed token. Does this mean Lockjaw could either activate again or continue with his unused actions from his previous activation? We played it that he would not as he had been activated and the card did not specify (like deal with the devil does), but on reading the rules it is not actually clear and would indicate that I could well have activated Lockjaw again.
  17. Can a unit select to do no actions during it's activation? (so that it won't trigger any standby actions)
  18. In "Charge" (and "Relentless") it states that a unit that has already performed an attack action during its activation cannot perform a free attack action via that keyword. If i have padme e.g. and she has a shareable standby token (via exemplar) that anakin (after he played his command card which gives him relentless) uses to make a move towards an enemy unit, which lets him come into base contact, that would technically trigger relentless, but what if that happens after anakins activation and after he already attacked in that activation in that turn? Am i still allowed to attack via relentless in that case? Is that limit only supposed to be limiting attacks INSIDE of an activation, or is this limit for charge/relentless supposed to be per turn, not per activation? PS: This is also important for Yoda's upcoming Guidance-Ability, if it finds its way into the game like it currently is.
  19. Hello, sorry for my English (Google translation). a character has 2 actions, ok, so he can use them for movements, combat acts. can he use 2 actions for combat actions? and most importantly, if he has enough energy, can he use as much super power as he wants ?? for example, in 1 activation he can attack 2 times and, if he has the necessary energy, use 2 or 3 super powers ?? can we use the same attack or super power several times? thank you in advance !!!!
  20. End of activation, two scenarios: (1) A character with healing factor is holding the Kree Core and did not attack. Rule book orders player effects over crisis effects. Healing factor first then crisis, correct? (2) a character with healing factor has the bleed status and no actions remaining. What happens? Prior ruling through FB messenger refers to “neutral” effects taking place after player effects. Bleed damage is not an enemy effect -is it a player effect, a neutral effect, or a crisis effect? When is it resolved and who chooses the order?
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