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  1. I hope this has not been asked before. When creating a squad from the roster, does Punisher affect the 50+% needed to become affiliated with a team, in the same way as Taskmaster, for example or do I need more models from the particular affiliation? Example: Blade, Ghost Rider, Punisher and Wolverine, would that make them Midnight Sons affiliated, or would I need another MS model to benefit from the MS affiliation?
  2. Hi, With the 'The Initiative' card revealed, does the card allow a squad of 2 SHIELD characters and 3 unaffiliated characters to form a legal SHIELD squad? At what point does the affiliation of the squad determined as it also affects tactic cards that can be brought. Thanks.
  3. Do grunts count for and or against affiliation when determining the 51% criteria to use a leadership?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to play the tactics card Cat and Mouse after round 1? The way I read it is, "After all characters have been deployed..." condition has been met, so an X-Force character can play this card at anytime after that in the following rounds/turns. My second question is, certain cards will say "an allied (affiliation) may play this card". Does that mean the character has to be listed in the squad affiliation or allied but not squad list affiliation. In addition or example, to my previous question; tactic cards like "Pretty Sneaky, Sis" states "any number of allied X-Force etc etc." and "Dirty work" states "all allied X-Force". Would this mean for either cards only "X-Force" characters would get the benefits of the card or the entire team that is affiliated with X-Force? Thank you!
  5. Hello, as the grunt rules have been posted, and the SHIELD affiliation card has been posted as well. Do grunts count as character for determining squad affiliation as the rule calls out characters and not character cards to determine if a squad is over the 51% character count to gain the affiliation bonus. For Example if I played Nick Fury, Shield agents, Black Widow, MODOK, and HULK at 16 threats would the squad be SHIELD affiliated? or would it be unaffiliated as Shield agents don't have a Character card and are not part of roster construction and thus are not a character for determining affiliation. Thank you.
  6. The rule for Rogue Agent states on the character cards that “one” Rogue Agents counts towards an affiliation. Is that intended to mean “each”, so that if I have (for example) a leader and two rogue agents on a five-person squad, I could use that leadership and affilition regardless of my other two characters on the squad? Or is it intended to mean that only one of the two rogue agents on my squad may count towards the affiliation, so I’d need at least two other affiliated characters on my 5-person squad to use that affiliation?
  7. If you were to bring a squad with the possibility to choose two different affiliations after deployment, can you bring tactics cards from both affiliations into your 5 selected tactics cards? For example, if you bring Dr Strange, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and Blade, can you also bring Pentagrams and Siege of Darkness into your 5 even though once you choose your leadership, you will no longer be able to use the other affiliations’ card?
  8. Hey all, going to play my second game of Crisis Protocol today and wanted some advice/clarifications First, about affiliations, I understand you must have at more than half your force under an affiliation to use the leadership ability. For example, if your wanting to use Captain America’s “A day unlike any other” Avengers leadership ability on a five man squad, at least three of them need to be Avengers. The confusion is what about the “odd men out”? If the remaining two of the squad are say, Crossbones and Ultron, they don’t benefit from Cap’s leadership ability right? Rationally I would think they don’t, but I have seen blogs elsewhere on the net that say they do. Second question is simple.....is there any difference in the game between wall crawling and flight? and lastly, slight confusion on what “dazed” and “ ko’d” mean....I think “dazed” means losing all your health on your healthy side, becom8ng “injured”...and ko’d means losing all your injured Hit points? (Dead)
  9. Do characters with multiple affiliations effect affiliations in squad building? Myself and my opponents rosters for characters with multiple affiliations ( mine can build choose The Brotherhood, The Cabal) We are running a 16 Threat Crisis I declare my squad as The Brotherhood by deploying Toad, Magneto, Red Skull, Sabretooth my Squad is made up of 3 Brotherhood 3 Cabal does my squad count as Brotherhood affiliated? My Opponent has a roster comprising of X-men, Inhuman and A-force characters. They declare X-men as their squad afflation deploys Scarlet Witch , Quicksilver, Storm , Lockjaw and Black Widow. this squad has : 3 X-Men, 3 A-Force 2 Inhumans What is my opponents squad affiliation ? Dose this sqaud count as being the above 50% to use storm's X-men Gold leadership? Do Multi-affiliated characters only count as being affiliated with the declared affiliation? e.g. My squad listed above Sabretooth & Magneto would only count as Brotherhood (which was declared) and not the Cabal.
  10. Thank you, we figured that was the case but wanted to double check also had a follow up question and some clarification. Hoping you can help us understand team tactic card affiliation alittle bit better. Example TTC for the criminal syndication that allows you to take priority if you spend 10p, Can any character on the team pay towards that or do they need to be on the affiliation list? You have to have the affiliation to bring card but can even a non-affiliated character be able to use the card? Thank you again for your patience and helping us out with this.
  11. So when checking for affiliation I’ve half your team must be same affiliation. Me and a friend are wondering since gems take up roster slots do they count against affiliation. So say 3 people in one affiliation and two outside with a gem can they be affiliated or no
  12. If a leader is taken out of the game, do his team mates still use his leadership rule? For example can the other Web warriers still use Mile's Great Responsibility rule if he isn't on the board anymore?
  13. Quick question. If your team is affiliated (ex. Uncanny X-men) and a character in your team does not have the affiliation (ex. Punisher). Does that character benefit from tactics cards that are specifically for that affiliation (ex. First Class).
  14. So there is some back and forth in our club is affiliation 50% of models or 51% of models so can I have 3 avengers and 3 hydra or must it be 4 avengers and 2 other models? Sorry if this has been as been already.
  15. It is possible to lose the affiliation during a game if my models remaining on the board of the declared affiliation are no longer more than the 50% of the team? And what happens to my affiliation tactic card? When exactly is declared what affiliation i`m playing? If i ,for exemple, bring a team composed by Black panther, okoye, taskmaster, captain america ,iron man i could play both affiliation. It is declared after you deploy (like when you have multiple leaders for the same affiliation) or when you reveal the squad? Thanks
  16. Hi everyone! If I'm fielding a squad that can qualify for two affiliations and I don't choose any affiliated tactic cards when would I pick and announce what affiliation I'm playing? Is it the same rule as choosing a leadership ability when fielding two leaders for the same affiliation? For example, last night I played a 17 threat crisis where I used Dr. Strange, Wong, Captain America, Wasp, and Winter Soldier and I took the cards Seven Suns of Cinnibus, Till the End of the Line, Pym Particles, Follow Me, and Field Dressing. Could I pick if I were playing Defenders or Avengers after deployment? Or is affiliation always revealed when squads/tactics are revealed? Thanks!
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