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Found 11 results

  1. For Ursa Major's "aggressive" superpower. Does it trigger off taking a damage from throws?
  2. An attack is made on a character with Aggressive. The attack does no damage, but have a throw before damage dealt. I guess the one automatic damage from the collision can't trigger aggressive ? Or it ?
  3. Does aggressive trigger after attack made by bullseye does 0 dmg and he uses his I never miss to inflict the dmg. Seems all conditions for the aggressive trigger are met as the attack is resolved, attacker trigger causes the damage and during defender trigger both conditions are met: - attack is resolved - damage has been applied to character
  4. Mysterio attacks with his hypnosis gas, triggering a movement. 14a: mysterio moves a character with aggressive. Mysterio interrupts the attack sequence by reacting with tricks and traps. Tricks and traps does one damage, Mysterio moves. 14b aggressive triggers, aggressive character moves towards mysterio’s new position. Mysterio has another opportunity to trigger trips and traps again from aggressive move. The attack is over. Is this sequence correct? Could other triggers also interrupt the attack sequence at the same trigger as mysterio? (E.g.: Mysterio, Cassandra Nova’s psychic distraction and/or Rocket’s booby traps all firing off the same movement trigger.)
  5. Would like a confirmation. if Crossbone gets damaged by an attack, can he use both Aggressive ability and Warpath Tactic card to move twice S toward the attacker?
  6. Hi, Aggressive says "After an attack targeting this character is resolved, if the character suffered [damage], it may advance S towards the attacking player." Does it means: A: Attacker cause damage to Crossbone, so this innate ability triggers. OR B: A attack targeting Crossbone is made but cause no damage. However, there is one damage token on Crossbone, so he 'suffered damage', then this innate ability triggers. Which one is correct? Thank you so much.
  7. Say Quicksilver attacks someone with Aggressive like Sabertooth (or Crossbones) and triggers Velocity multiple times. 1. Does the aggressive character move between Quicksilver's attacks or after all attacks are resolved? 2. If it's after all attacks are resolved, does the aggressive character get to move multiple times? Assuming it was hit multiple times.
  8. How dose the timing work if I use Padmé 2 pip and through her Authoritative keyword relay the Padmé order to a friendly unit can I use Seize the initiative to issue an order to Padmé? Would then the three unit who have received an order have to buff from the command cards since all of them have received an order from Padmé this round?
  9. If Cyclops pays to for hit and run and attacks Sabretooth, would Sabretooth aggressive and then possible untamed force trigger before he gets to move?
  10. If a character has a reactionary power such as Aggressive and they are in-based contact with the character that attacked them, can they move through the attacking character as part of the towards wording?
  11. Sabretooth’s Untamed Force and Aggressive both trigger after an attack against him is resolved, so if he is outside range 2 and the free movement from Aggressive would put him within range 2 can he trigger Untamed Force in the same reaction window? Thanks!
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