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Found 21 results

  1. Since there was a previous question about this interaction, should everyone read kravens spear thrust as if, “If this character has already attacked the target character during THIS activation this turn with a kukri strike…”? Because if kraven attacks with kukri strike then a spear thrust and all you gots, the following two kukri strikes this turn would satisfy the text box if they too are into the same target…. I don’t see how the previous ruling was ruled that way based on the current wording on the card… sorry if im being pedantic!
  2. If I'm using Ironman(Hulkbuster) and use All You've Got, and gain enough power to use Always Have a Backup, what will play out?
  3. If you have Hela on her injured side with 3 captured soul tokens and play all you've got would the soul tokens be discarded at the end of the second activation and Hela not KO'd?
  4. If a character gets both of these tactic cards played on them, does the second activation from All You've Got clear the attack bonus of Doomed Prophecy due to being their next activation? Or does both the activations being within one turn somehow make the bonus carry over to the extra All You've Got activation?
  5. If I use Cosmic Invigoration on a character and the during their next activation I use All You've Got, will the Character get 3 activations or would the be dazed/koed before All You've Got's activation will occur?
  6. Does Moon Knight get an additional roll for Multiple Personalities after playing All You've Got? Expecting yes based on the wording, 'you must activate that character again' on All You've Got
  7. How does the interaction work between all you've got and bleed? If a character has bleed would they take one damage before they active all you've got, activate again, then take another bleed damage at the end of that activation?
  8. If Kraven hits with his Kukri Strike in his 1st activation and plays All You've Got, does subsequent Spear Thrust gains extra dice during the following activation?
  9. Hi team, Love this game! With the card all you've got, it states that a character of 6 threat or less can use this card. Just wanted to clarify around gem bearers, does this refer to their starting threat or their total threat once equipped with a gem? So would Strange with the Time Gem be ineligible to use this card, whilst Corvus with the Time Gem fair game? Or is everyone okay to use it atm, and the cap there for the inevitable arrival of higher threat characters? Thanks in advance!
  10. If Sin activates, uses 2 actions, plays all you've got, uses 2 actions, uses Partners in Crime and plays Follow Me on Proxima. Can I then activate Proxima (Follow Me says "The chosen character immediately activates") after playing all you've got that was played "at the end of its (Sins) activation", play Proximas full activation with Wife of Corvus Glaive that says "may activate before your turn ends" (same wording as Partners in Crime) to then have Corvus and Crossbones activate which would give me essentially 5 activations between my opponents activations (Sin, Sin, Proxima, Corvus, Crossbones)?
  11. If Deadpool plays All You've Got while injured, would he be dazed instead of KO'd due to Alright, Now It's Serious?
  12. Can you last minute save off all you’ve got? Seems strong. example: I play all you’ve got on an injured Black Bolt. At the end of his second activation, I am within range three of lockjaw & lockjaw has three power. Lockjaw plays last minute save, I heal one and don’t KO. Is this correct?
  13. When ghost spider uses All You’ve Got, if she used spider technique or moved in her first activation does she get the additional dice and/or the long move on her spider techniques in the second activation?
  14. If i use a best at what i do with wolverine. After that i make a all you've got. Can i make a best at what i do again?
  15. A healthy wolverine activates and attacks twice. He is about to get an activation token, but plays all you've got. He uses this additional activation to make two additional attacks. As per all you've got he dazed. He is full health by the time he dazes. Nearby Hawkeye uses field dressing at the end of the round to bring wolverine back up and ready to fight again next round. Hoe much health does Wolverine have? Did the daze caused by you've got also add enough damage to reach his stamina thereby putting Wolverine at 1 stamina by the end of this? Or does all you've got only add the daze token, but no damage thereby allowing Wolverine to remove the daze token and retain full health? As a follow up, at what point during Wolverines two activations does healing factor kick in?
  16. Hi, question for Black Order officinados. Or I may have missed something in the rules, but can you play tactics cards 'price of failure' and 'all you've got' in the same activation/character? At KO status. Feels like i can't but wonder about others thoughts. One KOs at end of activation, other KOs instantly. Is there a combo here is timed right? Thanks
  17. If Ghost Rider has played All you’ve got on his injured side and then plays Deal with the Devil when he would be dazed does he get an activation token when everything is said and done? Does a character gain an activation token if they are dazed mid activation?
  18. Does the second activation received by the All You've Got ttc count as the start of the next activation in regards to Captain Marvel's Binary Form super power?
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