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Found 12 results

  1. Hello there! We have seen a new upgrade card for Boba which is a flamethrower. Questions: 1) Boba can have this upgrade equiped and also the 2 pip command card? 2) Since he has Arsenal 2, can he use both weapons during the same activation? If yes, how is treated if both weapons are used on a single defender? Thank you very much!
  2. Hello, I am wondering about the interaction with Din's 2 pip I like those Odds with Arsenal and what is considered satisfying conditions for targeting different units. Dins card says "After Din performs an attack action, he may perform an additional attack against a different unit." Can you split the weapon pool to reinclude a previous target as long as a new target is also included. For example, Din is in melee and uses the spear on that target and shoots out at a different unit using arsenal and versatile. The card says after that first attack Din can attack again but against a different target, so using arsenal, if Din chooses a different target part of the next attack, shooting a different target at ranged with the pistol. Could he still melee the same target using the spear/knife? I guess it comes down to the interaction with arsenal. Seeing you can choose multiple targets of the same attack action. when you choose targets for the second attack, if one of the targets is different, does that satisfy the requirement of the card of being against a different unit, thus allowing him to attack a previous target with the other part of the attack from arsenal? Or do both of the new targets must be different from the previous targets? Thank you
  3. Hi! Q) Can General Weiss upgrade card improve the Arsenal 2 to 4 from the TX-225 occupier tank?
  4. Hello, When a unit with “Up Close and Personal” upgrade and the ARSENAL 2 keyword makes a melee attack and a ranged attack with a weapon with the VERSATILE keyword, would that unit receive a dodge from “Up Close and Personal”? As an example: Boba Fett: Infamous Bounty Hunter has Up Close and Personal and is engaged with an enemy unit. Boba makes a melee attack with Boot Spikes, and a ranged attack against another unit with Integrated Rockets. Does Boba receive a dodge? Thank you very much for your effort!
  5. Scenario: Saber Tank with field commander from pilot Aayla, and Air Support command card. Question: Would I be able to use the tank's arsenal 2 to use an additional weapon at the end of the tank activation, when the air support attack triggers?
  6. If a unit uses two different weapons to perform attacks on different targets and the first target deals some damage back with deflect keyword, how does it work? Will the full attack on all Targets be carried out with full dice pool, or can they be partially or fully canceled out? 4 different scenarios; 1: Single Unit with Arsenal, if it dies after the first attack will the second be carried out? 2: Single Unit with Gunslinger, same question 3: Squad Unit with different Weapons split between multiple targets, firstly does the wound need to be attributed to the attacking minis (e.g. heavy weapon trooper) or can it be any unit, and if any unit, will the dice pool of the subsequent split rolls be affected 4: Vehicle with Arsenal, if the deflect keyword damages a weapon after the first attack, will the second roll be affected?
  7. Using the AAT tank can you use the mx-8 artillery laser cannon twice but making different attack pools while using Arsenal 2?
  8. Hello, When using the Arsenal X keyword can you use the same weapon twice or do you have to use two different weapons? For example, if I have the BARC RPS-6 Gunner equipped to my BARC Speeder can I use the RPS-6 twice in one attack? Thank you.
  9. There is a bit of a dispute within my circle with the keyword Arsenal. Specifically using two weapons on a target that is within range of only one of the weapons. From the Rules Reference: "ARSENAL • To use a weapon during an attack, the defender must be at or within any of the weapon’s ranges." Some folks think that means that as long as one of the two weapon's is in range, it doesn't matter if they other is. Others think it is just reinforcing the fact that to declare an eligible defender, they have to be in range of at least one of your weapons options. Example: A TX-225 GAVw Occupier attacking a unit at range 3 with both default weapons. Those two weapons being ranges 1-2 and 1-4 respectively. Does the long range weapon being in range, allow for the shorter range weapon to also attack the unit at range 3, because of the Arsenal keyword?
  10. Apologies if this is a silly question but if you equip for example armour piercing shells in an empire LAAT does that mean the AP Shells REPLACE the standard gun on the LAAT or is that in aition to the standard twin blaster? If it is instead of, how can you equip 2 guns to make use of the Arsenal 2 keyword? Thanks Andy
  11. My friend and I caught a game of Legion over the weekend. He insisted that in one attack action, he could use Arsenal 2 and a Free Pivot action together. He created his 2 attack pools on 2 different targets. The steps were : 1) Fire first weapon in the Arsenal 2 at one target. 2) Use a free pivot (on the T-47 Air speeder) to place the second target into LOS 3) Fire the second weapon in the Arsenal 2 at the second target. In my mind, Arsenal 2 would be selecting both weapons to fire at one or two targets but without pivoting in the middle of the attack action. Is this correct? Thank you.
  12. My friend believes that Arsenal X allows you to combine x weapons into a single attack and then use the other weapons against different targets. My interpretation is you can combine x weapons into a single attack or split x between defenders but you do not get to continue to choose defenders with the unused weapons. Is this example correct? - AAT with all slots filled. I can use the main laser cannon + armor piercing shells against a single target or against two different defenders. But then I do not get to use the personnel lasers against another defender and the bunker busters against another.
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