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Found 14 results

  1. How does astral ring and the secure crisis super-powered scoundrels interact. Example questions If I have my dr strange contesting the middle objective token and I place an astral ring contesting any of the outside tokens. Do my opponents models benefit from cover from my attacks if they are contesting the point on which my astral ring is contesting? Do I benefit from cover from attacks that come from characters not contesting the point to which my astral ring is on?
  2. How does Astral Ring interact with counter attacks that feature a range requirement? Do you check measurement against the token or the character that played it?
  3. Hi, i have two questions about Astral ring Tactic card. 1.- A character can interact/pick up objective tokens through astral ring token?, if not, can still do it from the miniature?. 2.- A Voodoo character using Astral ring, can measure his possession superpower distance through the astral ring token?. Thanks
  4. When Hawkeye is targeted by an attack "through" the Astra Ring, does he measure his Fast Draw distance to the ring or the attacking character? Aka, can he Fast Draw if the character is outside of 3 (and within 5), but the ring is within 3 of Hawkeye? Thanks
  5. In a scenario when a Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, is in range 2 of his allies, uses the astral ring to place the projection token in range 2 of his enemies and then he attacks with shining circle of the seraphim. If his rolls activate the cleanse and salve special effects, do you measure for their range from the projection token or from Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme?
  6. Since you only measure range from the Astral Ring token, am I correct in assuming that to target a character with stealth, the model that played Astral Ring must still be within 3 of the stealthed character to target it with an attack? Unless stealth is ignored, of course. :)
  7. While an enemy Dr Voodoo possesses an opponent's Convocation character (with brother Daniel), can that convocation character use the astral ring tactic card AND still contest an objective through the ring? Or does the possession effect apply for the projection as well?
  8. when using the astral ring to make an attack do you work out the line of sight and cover from the ring or the character making the attack Thank-you
  9. If Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme used the Astral Ring tactic card and declares the Shining Circle of the Seraphim attack do you measure the range 2 for Cleanse and Salve from Doctor Strange or the Astral Ring token?
  10. Astral ring says that a model cannot be advanced or placed, but can it take a climb move action whilst Astral Ring is in effect?
  11. Can the Projection token from the Astral Ring team tactics card be placed in such a way that it overlaps a model's base? The rules state that models cannot overlap each other, but I can't see a similar reference for tokens. Thanks!
  12. Assuming the OG Doctor Strange is in Convocation. If you were to run him with the Soul Gem, would the R4 Aura be created from the Ring Token, or from Doctor Strange himself?
  13. If the character that places the projection token from Astral Ring is dazed, is the projection token still contesting a point or is it treated as a dazed character?
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