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Found 7 results

  1. I´m in need of clarification on the Attack Special Rules. If I have an attack, like Sabretooth´s claw Slash, with multiple special rules on "wild", and roll 1 "wild" in my attack pool. Does it trigger both Bleed and Pierce, or do I have to choose one?
  2. Do judgment restrictions count against “AOE” trigger effects from attack? For example: model A and model B are standing within 2 of each other and both have judgement condition. In his activation Ronan uses his “Kree Justice” targeting mode B and rolls a wild. Before damage dealt to model B model A receives 1 damage from this trigger, but will model A gain energy from it? Technically this effect is not an attack and judgement condition says that a model with this condition does not gain energy from enemy attacks
  3. The attacks such as Thor's Strike that can cause a Throw on the enemy, is the damage dealt by the throw considered damage of the attack for gaining power purposes? As this "Before damage is dealt" takes place in the step 12 of the attack sequence I would say yes, but as always I would like to confirm this. Many thanks.
  4. When do dice triggers activate? Do they activate before modification? If a character changes a dice to a blank on their modification stage, does this kill the trigger?
  5. Say i sue an attack that has a "Wild: Bleed" special effect... If the target successfully defends the attack and I cause no damage, but did roll a wild... I still apply bleed, correct? My imagination says that the defending character still took the brunt of the attack and is bleeding now even if they shrugged off the attack as a whole.
  6. I am pretty new to the game so I am not sure if this is obvious or not, but in the rules I see where it says that dazed characters can't be affected by special rules, but I am not sure what all "special rules" implies. For a specific example, if Doctor Strange uses Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and gets the Mystic Binding trigger, but also dazes the target, does the dazed model get the activation token? Or does the Mystic Binding trigger count as a special rule? I am mostly wondering because of Field Dressing.
  7. If you roll 1 wild for Hulk when using the 'Hulk Smash!' attack does it cause both Stun and Stagger? Otherwise I guess you have choose between the two effects or roll 2 wilds to get both effects. Similarly, Wolverine's wild triggering bleed and pierce could be stacked or separate in that way. Is there anything in the rulebook that speaks to this directly? Thanks in advance!
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