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  1. Unit A is a multiple-miniature squad equipped with Fragmentation Grenades, the units have no attack surges. If unit A is attacking enemy unit B with Fragmentation Grenades, while at the same time forming another attack pool against enemy unit C (using another weapon of course). Since the Fragmentation Grenades stated that "While this weapon is in your attack pool, you gain [surge:crit]", does this means that unit A as a unit gets [surge:crit], hence be able to convert surges while attacking unit C?
  2. I have a question concerning the new Ancillary Ion Weapons. The upgrade reads: "While you perform a primary front arc attack, before rolling attack dice, you may spend 2 charges . If you do, your crit results deal ion tokens instead of damage." Does it mean, that the effect triggers even if the attack does not hit. Thanks!
  3. Hey, I thought I’d ask because this came up in a game today, I activated my unit and was able to split fire and perform a ranged attack against 2 enemy units, one of which had a standby, I rolled first for the unit without a standby, would this trigger the standby or would it have to wait until after both of those attacks were completed. I said it would as it was one ranged attack despite it being split.
  4. When a ship that is overlapping a dust field traces line of sight as part of an attack, if the traced line passes over only a portion of the dust cloud that is not visible due to being underneath the attacking ship can that ship perform the attack? The attack is fine if it is the defender overlapping a dust field, When a ship traces line of sight to the defending hull zone of a ship that is overlapping a dust field but the traced line does not pass over a visible portion of that obstacle, the ship can perform that attack. and the attack would not be obstructed, While a ship is overlapping an obstacle and the attacking hull zone’s traced line of sight does not pass over a visible portion of that obstacle (or another obstacle or ship), that attack is not obstructed. but would the attack still be blocked by a dust field if line of sight was traced over a portion of the dust field beneath the attacking ship?
  5. I’m not clear on the Choose weapon section in the attack action under Form Attack Pool, when choosing a weapon, do each individual mini in the unit need to meet the weapon profile range while attacking the defender or just meet the unit leader determined range to the defender? Example: A 4 mini rebel trooper unit attacks, the unit leader is at range 3 of the defender, while the rest of the minis are beyond range 3 and all minis have line of sight to the defender. Do those minis beyond range 3 contribute attack dice to the pool or just the rebel unit leader?
  6. Hello, I have questions about section "Declare Defender" from RULES REFERENCE. Can I "declare defender" if unit leader has weapon range 1-3 to oponent closest mini in range 4, if additional trooper has weapon 1-4? In this situatio unit leader has not range but mini from this unit has. Regards, Rubesom
  7. Do you apply dodge and cover before attack dice modify. So if I roll two surge's on an attack dice which will change to hits, would someone be able to use their dodge on that hit.
  8. When attacking, are you required to roll all attack dice in the weapons attack pool? For example, when Operative Darth Vader is in melee and attacking with his lightsaber, does he have to roll all five red dice or may he choose to roll fewer dice?
  9. Hello there. currently in our group we are discussing the following situation. I need a clarification, if we played it wrong or not. Attention: Paint-Skills incoming 🙂 The blue unit (L = Leader; S= Sniper/ different weapon) moves and want to shoot at the Red Unit (B1 with Worker Droid ("A"); "B" is a default Trooper). The blue sniper ("S") builds a new attack pool and shoots on the orange unit, but has LOS to the blue "B". The blue leader (and the Rest of the unit) only have LOS to the Worker Droid, but the Sniper has LOS to another model in that unit. Now does the blue unit (without sniper) 1 wound to the red unit. Question: Who got the wound? The Worker Droid, because that was the only model seen by the attack pool or model blue "B" because it was seen by blue "S"? Imo i think that only the worker droid is killed, because the Sniper isn't a part from the attack-pool, so it is no attacker against the red unit, but maybe i'm wrong with it. Here the Parts from the referenz pdf: WOUNDS During an attack, if line of sight to a mini in the defender is blocked from all minis in the attacker, that mini in the defender cannot suffer wounds. ATTACK Form Attack Pool: The attack pool consists of all the dice the attacker will roll against this defender. Declare Additional Defender: If there are any weapons remaining that have not been added to the attack pool, the player may repeat steps 1–2, forming a separate attack pool with the new weapons. Thanks
  10. In the core rules under Making an Attack it states in bold "A character can never make an attack without a target...", then in the attack steps, step 2 is declare a target for the attack, if when determining the target of the attack (before anyone has used any superpowers or other special rules) you realise no enemy character is within range, does the activated character get to do something else for their action because they could not make the attack as no-one was in range to begin with, or do they lose that action?
  11. Can you Self-Destruct after doing an attack action? Self destruct doesn't seem to be an attack action but wasn't sure if this was the intent.
  12. Hello, I make an attack with a unit with heavy weapon upgrade and decide to split attack pool for different targets between default weapons (all minis except heavy weapon mini) and heavy weapon. For default weapons I measure range from the unit leader, but from which mini do I measure range for second attack pool with heavy weapon - from unit leader or heavy weapon mini?
  13. Solar corona states "While a ship is attacking before resolving any attack effects....the attacker must discard one die with a targeting icon if able. In the rules reference under the attack step, the timing to cancel an attack due to not having any dice is when you are gathering the attack pool. Linked turbo laser towers state "while attacking the first squadron during your activation you may add 2 dice of any color to your attack pool" If I have a single die attack against a squadron, and I roll a targeting and must discard due to the objective resulting in a no dice attack pool, may I resolve Linked Turbo laser towers to add 2 dice of my choice to the attack pool?
  14. If I have Gunnery Team equipped and want to make a series of anti-squadron attacks for my first attack in my activation, while still being able to resolve Gunnery Team to make my second shot with my battery armament out of that same arc, what is my timing window to resolve the Concentrate Fire command in order to trigger the Gunnery Team effect? 1) Do I have to spend it on the last squadron I attack? 2) Can I spend it on any squadron attack that I choose? --- Asked differently: Gunnery Team's effect applies to "the next *attack* you perform this activation..." 1) Does a follow-on squadron attack count as "the next attack", as seemingly specified in RRG pg 2 Attack, Step 6, first bullet ("Treat each repetition of steps 2 through 6 as a new attack for the purposes of resolving card effects"), requiring you to save the CF command for your last anti-squadron attack if you want to follow up with a battery armament Gunnery Team shot? 2) Or does "the next attack" mean "the next time you resolve steps 1-6 of the attack sequence", allowing you to spend the CF at any point during the anti-squadron attack and still gain the ability to meaningfully resolve the GT effect? My RAW reading suggests 1. I think I'm in the minority on that, but I unfortunately can't adequately advocate for 2 on a RAW basis. I welcome somebody who disagrees to present the case for 2.
  15. I still feel confused about the timing window to resolve effects which start with "if this attack hits/missed", especially when abilities tend to be added to the ability queue at the same time. (e.g. XX-23 and Fifth Brother [Imperial; TIE Advanced v1]) It is said in the Rule Reference that - The attack hits if at least one Hit or Crit result remains uncanceled; otherwise, the attack misses. The word "remains" used in the sentence make me cannot stop to think that the judge of hit or not is the conclusion of the whole Neutrualize Results step. Although a lot will not agree with so. So let me here just ask the question again: When is the timing window to resolve effects which start with "if this attack hits/missed" if the timing is not specified in the text? 1) During the Neutralize Results step, immediately after the judge of hit; 2) After the Neutralize Results step, before the Deal Damage step; 3) During the Deal Damage step.
  16. When attacking a ship if after step 3 of the attack sequence ( Resolve Attack Effects) there are no hits or critical hits (if you ended up with all blank dice faces etc) does the attack sequence end or does step 4 (Spend Defence Tokens) and 5 (Resolve Damage) still take place?
  17. What happens in the case where the attacking player rolls their attack dice, but before they have an opportunity to modify their dice, the defending player rolls their defense dice? My assumption is that the roll will stand, and the attacker just gets to know what the defending player's dice result will look like as they modify their dice, but I can't find any official ruling on this.
  18. Hello I have some questions related to shooting range of unit embarked in a TX-225 combat assault Tank. I read in the rule that, for the shooting range of embarked trooper I have to consider the base of the vehicle. Is it really correct, as the base of the vehicle is huge this significantly increases the shooting range for flame trooper, Palpatine emperor, … if embarked or need I to consider only the front of the vehicle base? Thank you in advance for the clarification. Have a nice day
  19. Hi, I play battle lust card and use beam/aoe attack. Then I hit 2 mini. All my attack gets +2 ?
  20. When a rule references an "attack", and you're doing a beam attack, how do you tell if its referencing the beam attack or one of the attacks the beam attack makes?
  21. In "Charge" (and "Relentless") it states that a unit that has already performed an attack action during its activation cannot perform a free attack action via that keyword. If i have padme e.g. and she has a shareable standby token (via exemplar) that anakin (after he played his command card which gives him relentless) uses to make a move towards an enemy unit, which lets him come into base contact, that would technically trigger relentless, but what if that happens after anakins activation and after he already attacked in that activation in that turn? Am i still allowed to attack via relentless in that case? Is that limit only supposed to be limiting attacks INSIDE of an activation, or is this limit for charge/relentless supposed to be per turn, not per activation? PS: This is also important for Yoda's upcoming Guidance-Ability, if it finds its way into the game like it currently is.
  22. Greetings, I was always told that AI:Attack didn't matter if nothing was in range. I clearly see in the Rules Reference that "If a unit cannot perform one of it's listed actions as it's first action, it is free to perform actions as normal." However when I read the attack section of the Rules Reference it leaves me a bit confused. It never states that a unit has to be in range or line of sight to be attacked, the only stipulation is in order to chose a weapon to attack with the target must be in range and line of sight. This is step 2 however, and failure to meet this doesn't appear to end the attack or invalidate it. So if I'm reading this correctly a unit of B2's activate and there is one enemy unit outside of the B2's range. AI:Attack would make my first action an attack. I follow the attack timing: Declare Defender, which would be the enemy unit longer than range 3 For Attack Pool, there would be no attack pool since no weapons are in range I continue down the attack chart finishing my first action. Second example, a unit of B2's activate and there is one enemy in range but out of line of sight. AI:Attack would make my first action an attack. I follow the attack timing: Declare Defender, which would be the enemy at range 3 but out of line of sight For Attack Pool, there would be no attack pool since no eligible minis have line of sight I continue down the attack chart finishing my first action. So my question is do you have to AI:Attack models not in any of your weapon ranges or line of sight? Apologies I checked the FAQ and searched and didn't see anything addressing this. Thank you, TT
  23. If an X-34 Landspeeder unit has the Unstable R5 Astromech equipped, and chooses to perform it's compulsory move after it's regular actions, would that occur before or during the same timing window as the R5 upgrade? Additionally, both the Landspeeder and the Speeder Truck can perform this attack even if they already attacked in their activation, because it isn't an action, correct?
  24. When I spend a standby token to perform an attack, does that attack have to be against the unit that triggered the standby?
  25. Is it possible to have zero attack or defense dice combining separate effects like an objective token removing a defense dice, plus an incinerate condition, plus another effect taking away a dice to give someone zero dice pool? and the same question for attacks using different effects to reduce an attack dice pool to zero? Example: Venom holding the Senator from the 14 threat extract crisis has incinerate and gets attacked by an Energy type attack
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