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Found 15 results

  1. Scenario: Cad Bane divulges 'I Make the Rules Now' during setup. Enemy either scout moves or infiltrates into base contact with the 'Here I Am' token. Which event occurs?: A) Cad Bane is revealed and the enemy comes into base contact with Cad and starts a melee. B) Cad Bane is revealed but as no melee is allowed during deployment he is moved ever so slightly out of base contact with margin of error and no melee is started. C) Other event not described.
  2. When do you place Cad Banes' tokens if his 3 pip is divulged? Is it before any other units are deployed or is it at the choice of Cad's controlling player?
  3. Hey, If Cad bane does not divulge his 3 pip and uses it later on in the game, if he places the kablamo token within range one of one or more enemy units, would any action those units later perform trigger it or would it have to be after a move action is finished within range 1 of the token? Thank you!
  4. Hi there, If a friendly unit finishes a move within range 1 of cad bane's Kablamo! token, does the token have to be revealed or can you choose not to? Furthermore, when the token is revealed and activated do all units in range of the token have individual dice rolls or is it one dice roll for every unit. Thank You!
  5. I believe my question regarding this toppic was a bit confusing. The rules say that when Here I am triggers, Bane issues himself an order (but did not say is an order token). My question is, is it a faceup order token that he issues? or it is an action order that can take place immidiately? like an attack or a move just when he enters the battlefield in the bane token position? Thank you!
  6. Hi, If I play Bane and he is killed during the turn . Do the chips on his "I’m in control" card disappear or are they still in the game? Like his mine for exemple. Thanks for answer Ryo
  7. I have a question regarding order tokens that are passed out during the deploy unit step. Here is the situation. I divulge cad banes 3-pip, his "Here I am" token gets triggered during deployment by an infiltrating/scouting enemy unit. Cad relays the token he received to some B1's, using Comms Relay. this brought up two questions 1. do the B1's keep these faceup order tokens even though they were issued before the start of the round? 2. can Cad now receive the order from his command card? Comms Relay specifies "If you do [Relay] you cannot be issued another order this round", but we were not in a round when he relayed the first order.
  8. A unit using Scout moves into range 1 of 2 enemy Bane tokens placed right next to each other. Do they trigger the tokens (are they flipped immediately)? Who decides which token is flipped first?
  9. Greetings, The Bane Token entry states the following: Would an opposing players Bomb cart mini count as having the Bane token as an enemy and would the bomb cart moving count, resulting in revealing the Bane Token?
  10. Hi there, If you divulge Cad Bane's "I Make The Rules Now" card, and then choose to reveal "Here I Am" at the start of a later round, he does not receive his two dodge tokens from Independent because he issued himself an order when you revealed the token, correct? If that's the case, could he Comms Relay his order to another unit to regain Independent? I played a game with him yesterday and that's how I interpreted it, I just wanted to be sure!
  11. If Cad Bane reveals himself at the beginning of the round with Here I Am, does he issue himself an order token?
  12. Hi Bane is in engage. Put from command card long away bane token: here i am. Can on start next turn just disapear from engage when unhiden token here i am and teleport there? 2. Or if he for example panic? HERE I AM: If Cad Bane is on the battlefield, his Here I am Token is replaced by his miniature. Any tokens assigned to Cad Bane remain assigned to him. thx
  13. Is the token put into the pool and nothing is done with it if it is drawn before he is revealed from the here I am token? Or is it set outside of the pool and only used once he is revealed to issue an order to himself? I only ask because it affects the number of operative tokens in the pool thanks
  14. I was playing a skirmish game yesterday and my opponent moved a squad of wookie warriors into base contact with Cad Bane. This move also put them within range 1 and LOS of a Cad Bane token. our question is, what happens first resolving the Bane Token or the free attack from the Wookies charge?
  15. Bane Tokens are enemy effects. During round 1, unit with a hostage gains immune: enemy effects. Is the “reveal” of the token considered part of the “enemy effect”? If a unit with a hostage moves, deploys, or is placed at range 1 of an enemy Bane token and has line of sight during round 1, is the token revealed? I was uncertain due to the wording in the RRG that when it is revealed, “it has the following effect…” I read that as an effect after the “enemy effect” of having been revealed.
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